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Behind the Scenes: Part 4 by Sevan Matossian - CrossFit Journal

Behind the Scenes: Part 4

By Sevan Matossian

In Athletes, CrossFit Games, HD Videos

August 26, 2011

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Join Sevan Matossian as he captures athletes, judges, spectators and staff at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games, providing a look at what goes on before, during and after the events.

In Part 4, the second day of competition begins with two vendors working out in the stadium before the crowds have gathered. To them, CrossFit brings more than revenue.

“I love it—it’s been life-changing for me anyway,” says Chuck Rumbley of Hi-Temp. “As you can see, I’m out here in the stadium in the morning doing burpees on concrete.”

Meanwhile, the athletes prepare for their first workout of the day: the Triplet Sprint. Despite being only 21, three-year Games veteran Ben Smith says, “I don’t feel like the young guy, really.”

Even fellow competitor Matt Chan is impressed.

“I think Ben Smith is going to be the future of CrossFit for a while,” Chan says. “He’s got it all. He can run. He can lift.”

At the fourth event, Patrick Burke, another Games veteran, is smiling before competing. He says he’s changed since his first Games in 2008.

“I got older,” he says. “Stronger. Wiser. I’m smiling, telling myself jokes before I go and work out and then just chillin’, just chillin’ and having fun.”

Sevan also catches up with Rich Froning Jr., who shares his strategy for the workout.

Due to the injury he suffered the first day, Mikko Salo is sidelined for the weekend.

“I decided I want to do this again,” says the 2009 champ. “I’ll be back.”

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10 Comments on “Behind the Scenes: Part 4”


wrote …

ben smith is such a great role model... I wonder how his training looks..


wrote …

Think the quicktime link is messed up. Both the DL and Stream stops at 23-24 seconds


wrote …

Ben, incredible performance this year! You put the pieces together and nailed it.

I really have to apologize to everyone for my shitty attitude and overall negative spirit in this video. Sevan did a great job catching what happens when an athlete is upset with his performance and looks to blame something/someone else for his shortcomings. (Sigh) I'm glad you caught it Sevan, as I would never had guessed I actually vocalized some of these thoughts. Yuck...


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

this was awesome, thnx guys!!

i wanna see video of Ben Smith and his backyard workouts!!

kudos to Miko as this is an entire year and he gets to compete only once, the guy is a machine and humble!




wrote …

@Sindre Nygård same thing happens to me


wrote …

First off, Matt Chan, no reason to apologize! You hit it hard and told it like you felt. Strong work!
Lots of mention of age in this video. From Ben Smith being young to Pat Burke and Josh Everett being "old" (I am 40) is there any forthought to age groups? There is such a gap from the open arena to the masters that us 30's to 40's crossfitters are head to head with kids but a long way from Masters. How about it HQ? Age groups?


wrote …

Please can you sort the SD Quicktime link out please - its only 5MB and is only 23 secs long - PLEASE xxx


replied to comment from Tracey Blackman

Download the Ipod version and put it to full screen, it's still in quicktime and it takes up half the space.


wrote …

Not quite as entertaining as the first 3 parts this one.


replied to comment from Struan Potter

That was the one I was trying for, but thankfully they've sorted the link out and it's downloading now - 233MB seems much better than 5!

Thank you to whoever sorted the link.

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