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Friday at the Games by Ben Hollingshaus - CrossFit Journal

Friday at the Games

By Ben Hollingshaus

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August 23, 2011

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Join Ben Hollingshaus as he interviews athletes on Day 1 of the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games. Despite a day of tough competition, the athletes are having fun.

After the beach workout, winner Josh Bridges is triumphant.

“It was a rough workout, but I’m done with it now, so I’m glad it’s over with,” he says. Second-place finisher Chris Spealler describes the event in one word: “original.”

On the women’s side, Julie Foucher took first. Her strategy was simple: “I kinda just wanted to go as fast as I could. I like chest-to-bar pull-ups, so I knew that I could make up some ground there, so that worked out well.”

Spealler dubs the next event, a set of three skills tests, a “carnival,” and it indeed captures the playful atmosphere among the competitors.

After the softball throw, Michelle Kinney shares her secret: “I’ve played softball my entire life, since age 4.”

Spealler sums up the last event, Rope/Clean, as “happy,” which characterizes the feelings of many of the athletes Hollingshaus interviews after the workout.

First-place finisher Annie Thorisdottir is exuberant: “I was really happy to get a workout that is in my comfort zone. I was thinking, ‘This is my shit, I’m gonna win it.’”

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5 Comments on “Friday at the Games”


wrote …

So classy for the women's champion to curse in an interview and even more classier to print it. Nice.


wrote …

She is European and cursing isn’t a deadly sin in Europe. Thank God.


wrote …

Great video! The athlete interviews were hilarious and it looks like so much fun. If you compare this style of interview to something more formal I feel like the athletes and the fans respond better to being laid back.


wrote …

Great video! still addicted to the games even though they've finshed :(
Just wondered if anyone knows what the song is near the end (15:35 onwards)??


wrote …

Very funny! loved this video : ) Annie rocks!
And thanks Matt Hill for telling us europeans how to use your language properly! (even more classier! hahahaha)

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