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The Week Before the Games by Ben Hollingshaus - CrossFit Journal

The Week Before the Games

By Ben Hollingshaus

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August 08, 2011

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Ben Hollingshaus was behind the scenes at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games to film the preparations for the largest CrossFit gathering to date. In this all-access video from the Home Depot Center, Ben highlights the incredible efforts of the staff and volunteers, all the way from the equipment set-up to the portable-washroom placement.

“Something big I can feel is going to happen,” Ben says.

By mid-week, the athletes have assembled. Ben catches up with them as they prepare for the swim test.

When asked if bears swim, Jason Khalipa is confident.

“‘Khalipa-bears’ swim. They swim phenomenally,” he answers.

The athletes share some strategies for the unknown swim event ahead of them. Pat Barber shows off his “power beard” and talks about personal grooming for a competitive edge.

Elyse Umeda is just honored to be a competitor.

“Just to get here was a ... journey itself, and every year it gets harder and harder, so I’m just honored to be here,” she says. “It’s been so much fun the last couple days—and probably a lot more fun the next few days.”

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Additional reading: Swim Test Announced, published July 26, 2011.

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4 Comments on “The Week Before the Games”


wrote …

Always good for a laugh. Keep 'em coming Ben, great work.


wrote …

I love the athletes faces when Ben approaches them with a mic and not knowing what in the world he is about to ask. Always a good laugh


wrote …

Tommy, love the 'strategy'. LOL.


wrote …

Underwater burpees...that's funny.

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