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Freestyle Connections Seminar: Kipping Handstand Push-Up Progression by Carl Paoli - CrossFit Journal

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August 11, 2011

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Retool your gymnastics skills with elite gymnast Carl Paoli, founder of Naka Athletics, coach at San Francisco CrossFit and creator of Through his Freestyle Connections Seminar, Paoli introduces athletes to advanced gymnastics skills using simple progressions and coaching points. Today’s movement is the kipping handstand push-up.

Paoli says he adds skill to the handstand push-up by kipping the movement. He starts with the tripod he discusses in Handstand Push-Up Progression With Carl Paoli: Part 1 and shows how to kick out of it into a push-up position. He also demonstrates how to spot and assist the movement.

The next step is kicking up from the tripod position to the wall. He cues the athletes to get tight.

“When there’s a big jolt and we see the butt move a lot, most likely it’s because it wasn’t under a lot of tension, OK? So as we hit the wall, squeeze your butt like you never squeezed it before,” he says. “It’s going to translate into so much more work capacity down the line.”

To correct those who delay their shoulder lockout, Paoli adds a drill to activate the shoulders by teetering in the tripod position. Shoulders and hands drive the kipping handstand push-up.

“Definitely, you don’t want to push off of the head. You want to make sure you push off of the hands,” he says.

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Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: The Freestanding Handstand Push-Up by Roger Harrell, published June 1, 2006.

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3 Comments on “Freestyle Connections Seminar: Kipping Handstand Push-Up Progression”


wrote …

Great seminar! Great guy!


wrote …

So great to see more gymnastics coming to CFJ along with the O-lifting. I think this will go a long way in helping coaches and new CFers understand that the initial focus of fitness progression should be more heavily weighted on gymnastics and O-lifting, and the requisite mobility and stability to achieve proficiency/technique, instead of the classical "strength" focus which inevitably filters in from decades of the body building/globo-gym mentality. Such a realization will continue to help the general population "get good at being good" as opposed to "getting good at being bad".
Very Cool!


wrote …

Carl Paoli is the man! What a great Gymnastics/Tumbling instructor for CrossFit to add to their arsenal; now if they could only put this all together into a certification course, i think they would have the most inclusive and fundamentally sound introductory certification course on the planet!

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