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August 01, 2011

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“We get a lot of people that run from cars, run from scenes of crimes, things like that, that us as officers, as humans, would never find, but we use the dog’s nose, we use their sight, we use their hearing to try to track these suspects down,” says K-9 officer Steve Henderson. Watch him and his fellow officers in action during a K-9 training session.

Joel Rains, a CrossFit trainer and K-9 trainer, even uses CrossFit Spartanburg in South Carolina for K-9 training. The dogs become members of the CrossFit community and family members to the officers and their families, who share a close bond with their beasts.

The officers relate their stories with K-9 heroes Igor and Diezel, who gave their lives in the line of duty.

“He’d been with me longer than I’ve had my kids,” officer Nate Cantrell says of Igor. “It’s a void at home.”

To honor their fallen partners, the trainers came up with a fitting tribute: a hero workout named after each dog: K-9 Igor and K-9 Diezel.

“There’s no better way to honor those guys and what they do than just do a workout for them, and the gym just completely embraced it,” says Tal Young, owner of CrossFit Spartanburg.

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Additional video: We’re Buddies, published July 20, 2011.

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14 Comments on “K-9 Igor and K-9 Diezel”


wrote …

Thank you all so much for putting this together. We all grow very close to these animals and I consider it an honor to be there when they need me. Features like this make me proud of not only my gym but proud to be associated with CrossFit all together.

I am sad to report that Officer Henderson lost his partner "Cairo" (featured working in this video) to heat stroke in July.

RIP "Cairo"

End of Watch 22 July 11

"Non Solus"


wrote …

Great video. Can we get those two wods posted?


wrote …

Love the dogs. Ridiculous drug war, not so much...


wrote …

Great Video. Use CrossFit Style training for my dogs as well. My Dog is truly my best friend.

Another dog buddy is Wallace. See his vid here. Roo his owner is a crossfitter.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Nicely done, thanks


Joy Byxbee wrote …

Wonderful video and it was great to see hero WOD's in honor of these truly loyal heroes


wrote …

RIP Diezel, Igor and Cairo.


wrote …

About six of us did the K-9 Diezel HERO WOD today at our gym (A make shift small globo academy gym taken over by crossfitters). I saw your video this morning and thought "What a perfect day to hammer out this HERO WOD and show our respect for a fellow officer". A partner is a partner, regardless of how many legs!

The WOD was a killer in the 97 degree heat index. Times ranged from 25:05 to nearly 29ish. Thanks for the WOD and commitment!

R.I.P. Diezel

Sam B.


wrote …

How to be guys. Nice to see the boys honoured with a WOD:) Will be doing this one shortly at our box.


wrote …

i LOVE dogs!!!


wrote …

"It's like training CrossFit -- injuries are bound to happen."
Was that supposed to be left in there?


wrote …

a little context...the guy in bite suite will get some skin torn sometimes...even need stitches now and then...that happens at Crossfit Spartanburg too now and then.
That's what he ment


wrote …

Excellent video. That looks like a great box filled with some cool people.


wrote …


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