Touchdown for CrossFit

By Matt Chan and Knowshon Moreno

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Third-year Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno is ready for the 2011 NFL season. The Georgia product has been training with Matt Chan at CrossFit Verve to improve his game, and Moreno is already making an impression in the preseason.

Training a professional football player brought an exciting challenge for Chan.

“I know their plays are short. The time that they’re in the game is sometimes very limited. But when they’re required to do work, it’s explosive,” he says.

According to Chan, his training for Moreno incorporates that explosive element.

“We’re trying to move a very large load a long distance and quickly,” he says. “It’s benefiting him because, you know, he’s able to move faster with that heavy load.”

Moreno is also happy with his coach.

“He just brings that energy I need (and) at the same time pushes me to where I need to be,” Moreno says. “It’s always tough, but at the same time it’s helped me out. It’s helped me build muscle faster, and my endurance I feel like is getting better also.”

Moreno enjoys working out with a group, so Chan decided to put his focus work first, then allow him to join the group class for their workout.

“Group workout is always fun because you see where you’re at, but you also see where everyone else is—it could be someone that’s older than you, younger than you,” Moreno says. “You’re competing with them but also competing with yourself.”

Moreno has already seen results from his training and plans to continue.

“I’ll definitely keep it up throughout the whole year. Why not?” he says.

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26 Comments on “Touchdown for CrossFit”


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

Great work Knowshon and Matt. I hope you guys continue to share your progress with the rest of us maybe with in-season training and what you guys do in the few weeks after the season is over.


wrote …

One: Great job Matt and Knowshon. Now I am anxious to see how the CrossFit methodology will effect Knowshon on the field. Not to mention have further video footage and updates on his progress through out the season. Get more Bronco's in our affiliates in Denver or where ever they might live. Let continue to prove that this works!


Brad Cogburn wrote …

Knowshon looks real good in pre season!


wrote …

great stuff!!


wrote …

"Knowshon Moreno rushed for 47 yards on 10 carries and caught an 11-yard pass in the Broncos' third preseason game.
Moreno played the first six snaps over Willis McGahee. He's up to 20 rushing attempts for 98 yards (4.90 YPC) on the preseason, with four catches for 40 yards. The Broncos' offensive line has opened holes against opposing first-team defenses, and the more lightweight version of Moreno is paying dividends. He looks quicker then ever, screeching through lanes and even making defenders miss at times." (WFS)

Although I am a die hard LSU Tiger fan, it is cool to see this UGA alum potentially have a break out season. GEAUX TIGERS!!!


wrote …

Lol, hes talking about doing it all year. Someone caught the bug!


wrote …

Awesome, Go DAWGS!


wrote …

This pumps me up!


wrote …

Knowshon has a great attitude, Chan is an awesome coach - CrossFit at its best. Sweet video!


wrote …

Good to see that power athletes are making gains with a CF coach, but it needs to be emphasized that he is NOT doing mainsite-style WODs to improve. There are completely different goals and methods to power athlete training versus GPP. It's good that Matt specified how he's designing a program, but not everyone will catch the reasoning, as it's not intuitive to the general public.


wrote …

That's awesome! Great job Matt, and Knowshon I wish you all the best this year and hope your gains in CrossFit transfer over to the gridiron. I know who I'll be drafting in my fantasy league this year.


wrote …

yea Verve! and yea Knowshon!


wrote …

This is an awsome video and testament to crossfit. It is great to see professional athletes step out of the box. This will be awesome to observe this season how crossfit will help Knoshon's performance on the field. Great work and props to Matt Chan taking on the task!


wrote …

This is awesome!! Great to see a fellow Dawg doing Crossfit in the PROS. This should make others take a look at real workouts that are functional for all sports. Great stuff.


wrote …

Energy meets Energy!

That Dawg's in Great hands. Way to go Matt.


wrote …

CF Verve = legit.


wrote …

Last week I drafted Moreno in my fantasy football league. Hilarious win.


wrote …

Mat your a G, KM so are you. The humilty of a Pro athlete to just throw on Matt's gear and wod is whats up, oh hell yeah. I wish him and Matt the best of success.


wrote …

This is awesome.. can you say "insider advantage" for my Fantasy Football draft?!


Dan Cerrillo wrote …

Matt and Charity are awesome athletes and great people. Its great to see them being recognized for there hard work and knowledge.


wrote …

I can't believe it... I'm an FSU alum but I just became a Knowshon Moreno fan.


replied to comment from Bill Gibson

Bill, I have the same thoughts, except I'm a Tide fan! Like others have mentioned, looking forward to seeing how this works out in the NFL! Incredible opportunity to train an athlete like that.


wrote …

Im going to show this post to my brother(Clemson) who just got picked up for Pro Indoor football. I know CF's intuitive training will improve his attitude, body and game. His 1st CF class is tomorrow!! Yeaaahhh!!

Thanks for sharing this great video good luck to you this season Knowshon and props to Verve!!!

Much Love!!


wrote …

I first learned more about Knowshon Moreno from a "Welcome to the NFL" type show that followed some rookies before their first season. Started to like him, then he was a holdout (understand better about negotiating now) and I felt a little disappointed. Then he suffered injuries, which I always wondered if it was due to lack of prep/fitness level, having come in late. Course I'm not his doctor or trainer, but you know how us football fans love to speculate! I can't tell you how excited I am seeing Knowshon come into the season in shape and as prepared as he is. Plus, this clip showed that guy that loves to compete again, and I remembered why I liked watching him to begin with. I wish the best of luck to you this season Knowshon, and GO BRONCOS!!!


wrote …

I love Matt Chan's enthusiasm, and Knowshon's contagious energy. I look forward to a follow up after the football season is over.


wrote …

at 00:01:01 what are those disks where can i buy them thanks

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