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Rebuilding Your Life Through CrossFit by Nancy Raineri - CrossFit Journal

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August 12, 2011

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Nancy Raineri is 64 years old and has struggled with alcoholism for more than 20 years. She remains sober now thanks in part to CrossFit Sonora Sports and Fitness Center in Sonora, Calif.

“I feel like I am somewhere I haven’t been in many, many years,” Raineri says. “And I like the feeling.”

Raineri says CrossFit gives her strength.

“When you don’t exercise or do something with your body, you find yourself sitting at home more, eating more, you know, and you get depressed, and, anyway, I do. I get depressed,” she says.

While her fellow CrossFitters are inspiring, they can also be intimidating.

“You can feel like, ‘I’m not as good as them,’” she says. “But actually … I’m just as good as them because I’m here.”

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10 Comments on “Rebuilding Your Life Through CrossFit”


wrote …

Good for you Nancy! Thanks for being so honest with your story. I agree with the interviewer, you do have a nice sparkle in your eyes! Keep up the good work because it just gets better!


wrote …

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Easily the most inspirational thing I have seen for months. Crossfit Games have nothing on Nancy.

Keep kicking ass Nancy!


wrote …

While my story does not have as many lows as Nancy I have experienced some of the same challenges that she has. I am an alcoholic sober for 22 years but every day can have its highs and lows. I too am not good at sitting around with not a lot to do or comfortable with a lot of "free" time......


Bryan de la Puente wrote …

I too am a recovered alcoholic. As an extremist and addictive by nature when I was introduced to crossfit I was hooked on the first wod!...I have been sober 4 years and have never ever been in better shape or been healthier. Keep doing what your doing Nancy!! Awesome story!



wrote …

Anazing Nancy! Inspirational stuff! Anything is possible even after all those years of abuse.


wrote …

Great story! Keep up the amazing work! This is why I love crossfit, everybody is an athlete!


wrote …

Congratulations to you Nancy! I relate so much to your story...I have replaced a life ruled by alcohol and depression with a life uplifted by healthly living & Crossfit....I am grateful for everyday that I can train, laugh and give back to others by the power of example! I haven't had a drink in over 7 years...and at 41yrs of age, I placed 19th Individual Female at the Reebok Crossfit Games with barely 8 months in the sport! Anything is possible with hard work, faith and a good soh!!! :-)


wrote …

Outstanding and inspiring!!! Nancy, if you could contact me I'd appreciate it. (949-533-6075)


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Good job, Nancy! I had to quit the booze in 1990. Keep up the good work one day at a time!


wrote …

Thank You for your story nancy. I am an Alcholic and crossfit helps me everyday with my recovery. Stories loike yours keep the hope alive. Keep it up.

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