A Family Thing

By Chris Isernio

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August 09, 2011

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“All of our business is from word of mouth. I haven’t advertised once, and all 125 clients that we have are all from word of mouth,” says Chris Isernio, owner of CrossFit Old Bethpage/CrossFit Central Long Island in Farmingdale, N.Y. “We don’t even have fliers. I’m what you call the worst businessman ever.”

Businessman or not, Isernio is finding success through CrossFit. CrossFit Old Bethpage is growing and has just moved into a larger space. The athletes share their own success stories.

CrossFitter Phil Calderone says he is in the best shape of his life and can perform athletic feats he couldn’t even in his youth.

“I’m 49 years old now, and I could climb a rope, get almost anything done,” he says. “It’s fantastic. I love it.”

Like many other athletes there, CrossFit has become a family thing. For the Gemmill family, CrossFit has bonded together not only their immediate family but also their brothers and sisters in other states.

Charlie Wagner, a retired firefighter joined his son at CrossFit Old Bethpage.

“I’ve found nothing, nothing, in all my years of going to the gym, that would even come close to this,” he says.

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Additional video: “Push Yourself Beyond Limits” by Jennifer Hunter and Hector Delgado, published April 18, 2011.

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2 Comments on “A Family Thing”


wrote …

Hey Chris,
I am ACE certified as you were and have a small box (studio) 700 sq. ft. and have been looking into and experimenting with Crossfit and their WODs for a while. I am hooked on their format, mindset, and workout variety. The sense of commmunity they have is undeniable and their spirit is contagious. I have been certified and have been training small groups and individuals for almost 14 years and I have had a complete turn around in my training philosophy since seeing Crossfit.
I am interested how you found out about Crossfit, and secondly is there an issue on obtaining professional liabilty insurance since you may no longer be ACE certified?


wrote …

Hey Chris,

Great gym, love the Long Island scenery!

@Gary, Crossfit is currently rolling out the Risk Retention Group for affiliates. In addition to the RRG there are a number of companies that specialize in providing insurance for Crossfit affiliates.

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