Parents’ Night Out

By Josh MacDonald

In Kids

August 01, 2011

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Josh MacDonald explains how he managed a host of kids for a no-parents evening at the box.

During some recent Crossfit Kids classes, we noticed that we always seem rushed to fit in everything we have planned. Either we have to shorten the WOD or rush through the game to get in all the planned activities.

That got us thinking, “What could we do if we had a lot more time with the kids?” If we had several hours, we could really explore each game fully, and we could fit in some of the games that never seem to fit into a normal class. We also knew that the kids at Crossfit Kids Fury always love the games more than anything else. We can put just about any challenge into a game and they would love it.

After some brainstorming, we put together our first Parents’ Night Out. This is an evening when parents drop off their kids for a couple of hours. The kids get to take part in a ton of CrossFit games and play around in the gym, while the parents get a date night.

The night was a huge success, and we plan to do it again, but we learned some valuable lessons we thought we would share with others who might want to try Parents’ Night Out for themselves.



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Rob Barrese wrote …

Great article Josh, thanks for sharing!


wrote …

Josh, that is awesome on so many levels. Great job and thank you for sharing what worked and what didn't work.


wrote …

This is awesome Josh! Thanks for the ins and outs. I look forward to trying this out soon.


wrote …

Josh, this is absolutely brilliant. Well done.


wrote …

Thanks for sharing this GREAT idea!! I look forward to using it soon!

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