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August 21, 2011

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Angela Hart, a Concept2 master trainer, gives the lowdown on maintaining your rowers for long and efficient use. She specifically tackles how you can refurbish a used rower yourself.

Hart instructs the trainers to store rowers with the handle at the chain guard, not at the hook, because tension on the bungee system reduces the chain recoil. Telltale signs of a lose bungee are that lack of natural recoil and a slackened chain at the end of the stroke. The fix? Tighten the bungee cords inside the rower.

To get to the bungee system, Hart shows how to remove the rail and dust guard.

“When you look at the bungee system, you’ll notice one side is a little fuzzed out and one side is really smooth—totally normal. That’s OK,” she says. The side opposite the flywheel will start to look like a “woolly bear caterpillar,” but unless you see the outer casing split with individual elastic fibers exposed, this is fine, she says.

Hart demonstrates how to tighten the bungee cords manually and reassemble the rower. Finally, she shows how to check the battery power using the rower monitor.

“I’m always for, you know, preventative measures before replacement,” Hart says.

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5 Comments on “CrossFit Rowing Trainer Course: Rower Maintenance”


wrote …

Interesting video, thanks. Does anyone know if you can use WD-40 or some similar oil on the chain itself?



wrote …

Use the mineral oil that C2 provides or get more. It really is the best stuff for the chain. WD40 will leave your rower smelling like WD40 and you don't want to suck that stuff in during a workout.


wrote …

Bravo.... Thanks for the tips. Great info. Anyone know how to tighten the old school rowers up. I have two of the old wooden handled concept 2 rowers.


wrote …

Thanks George!


wrote …

Great Video! Thanks

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