Sweet Peeps Farm

By John and Stephanie Post

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August 17, 2011

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CrossFitter John Post, a competitor on the ABC series Expedition Impossible, is also the proud owner of a farm. Sweet Peeps Farm is located in Dyke, Va., and jointly owned by Post, his sister Stephanie and their friend Marissa.

On the farm, the Posts have goats, pigs, and egg-laying chickens and broilers. The chickens forage in the grass in pens that are rotated on a daily basis across their land.

“We also have the most wonderful chickens and eggs of any farm I’ve ever tasted, so I must be doing something right,” John says.

In addition to raising animals, the Posts also cultivate organic gardens for produce and harvest wild berries. They trade with their neighbors for other foods they don’t grow themselves.

“It’s been kind of neat to have the opportunity to learn from experienced farmers instead of just learning from Google or the Internet,” Stephanie says.

CrossFit is also a part of their farm, with a covered concrete slab making up their “box.” John says he has buckets for real farmer carries and over-turned troughs for box jumps, as well as some standard CrossFit gear: wall-balls, kettlebells, jump ropes and a pull-up structure. The two split their workouts between the farm and a nearby affiliate for barbell training.

As for future travel plans, the Posts aren’t letting their farm stop them. At Moderngypsies.com, John asks his fans to choose his team’s next adventure from three charity projects around the world.

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wrote …

I call this, living the dream!!! Thanks for the video!


wrote …

my favourite video so far... I want to live there!


wrote …

Awesome, awesome video. I find it amazing that as high tech as Crossfit has become that these people are taking it back to its roots. Love it.


wrote …

John and Stephanie are super upstanding people. Thanks for showcasing their farm, Journal!


wrote …

also my favorite video as well...


wrote …

an example of people doing things right instead of easy. you are role models for people looking to get the most out of life


wrote …

Hey John, how about a bed and breakfast crossfit? I think this would be an idea that could bring in some extra income.


wrote …

Good stuff.

Their method for feeding the layer hens sounds vaguely familiar to how Joel Salatin does it over at Polyface, which isn't far from their farm.

Going to try the raw route with the cheese and milk? Good luck with that.


wrote …

Thats it... I'm buying a farm. Screw this University and education crap... so unfulfilling.


wrote …

For the flipping of eggs use a bit of the grease from the butter on top of the yolk before you flip it to cook the top some and give it a layer of protection--Tips from my mom that I remember!


wrote …

Awesome video!!! I've often dreamed of doing something like this. This gives me inspiration. Thanks for sharing. It made my day.


wrote …

That was smoking hot. The description of the pigs lives was some of the most sage advice I have heard; every day of their life is great, and then one day it is not so great. If only we could all live that way.

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