Take a Leap!

By Dina Widlake

In CrossFit, Special Populations

August 10, 2011

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Dina Widlake takes a risk and learns how to grab life by the pull-up bars.

That pull-up bar mocks me. I cannot be the only one who experiences it.

Messages pour like party confetti, scrappy little echoes from the distant past as I look up—only I’m not celebrating. I am being mocked.

I hear those words: “Girls aren’t built to do pull-ups. They aren’t designed to have that kind of upper-body strength. It’s unnatural for girls to do pull-ups. You can’t do them.”

Or can you?

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14 Comments on “Take a Leap!”


wrote …

What a great story Dina! Love the struggle with pullups as I have been in that same boat. It's been about a month since I abandoned the bands and I have not looked back. Instead like you I am looking forward to those new challenges that CF brings everyday. Bring on the pullups!!! Or anything else for that matter!


wrote …

A great story, thanks for sharing Dina, but, come on CFJ, special populations? seriously?


wrote …

I must say that after reading this article, I was very moved and motivated. I wholeheartedly agree that CrossFit as with most athletics has many facets that can be incorporated into your regular life. My parents fail to see the connection between dedication in sport, perseverence in athletics and work ethics to achieve a sport specific goal and how those things can very easily, seamlessly really become ingrained in your personality and allow you to channel yourself into your work, your relationships, every aspect of your life. I have noted these things, but I don't think you can fully understand it until you have experienced a hard work out or training session and felt the better for the wear and tear. The joy of succeeding is sometimes only the completion of a task and not the speed at which it was completed. Other times it is the besting of one's own personal best. Sometimes it's actually winning against someone else or another team.
I was very moved by the go after it approach in the final few paragraphs and could see that she was a changed person. That is one of the best things that CrossFitting or working hard at almost anything bestowes on it's participants. You get what you give. Congratulations and I wish you and your family the best,
Another thing is your boys are going to see you in a new way and I'm sure revise what they think is possible and what they themselves can accomplish by your actions as well.
Anton Gross


wrote …

Great article Dina!


Dustin Kreidler wrote …

This ought to be a free download. Dina shares many of the same fears and uncertainties a LOT of us faced when we first started showing up. But we're all in the choir now, and having Dina preach to *us* doesn't accomplish much except make me remember with clarity just how terrifying it was to graduate from "DIY" crossfitter to affiliate member.
I'd like to be able to share this article on facebook and twitter, in the hopes that it would help others make the transition and jump on-board. THOSE people aren't subscribers, and will miss out on this wonderful resource.
Thanks Dina!


replied to comment from Dustin Kreidler

Well said...I second this!


wrote …

This almost made me tear up...and the only thing that usually does that is BURPEES!


replied to comment from Dustin Kreidler

I agree... I wish my non cf friends could view this article.


wrote …

Thank you all! The act of submitting this article felt like a huge risk in and of itself, so thank you for sharing your responses. I am so grateful to see that it resonated positively. And Anton, thank you for the additional perspective on the additional benefits my boys may take away from these experiences as they grow.


replied to comment from Dina Widlake

Right on, Dina. You are a great inspiration. All of us feel lucky to have you in our lives!


replied to comment from KC Fort

I second that KC!!! As Dina's coach I am truly blessed to know this woman! She sets great examples for other men and women in the gym. She has a very kind way and is always so encouraging to everyone who walks through the door. When the workout starts its ALL HEART. She holds nothing back!


wrote …

Rock On Dina!


wrote …

"As with most things that loom big, hairy and scary in
one’s mind, the reality of that thing often possesses only a
fraction of its imagined bite." - What a great quote, Diana.

This a wonderful article and you are a wonderful writer. Your feelings mirror my own in regards to the pull-ups and how CrossFit has crossed over into other aspects of my life.

Oh, and I think this should be a free download as well. I know plenty of 40-something ladies that would relate!


wrote …

Dina, Great article. Thanks for sharing with us!

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