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August 24, 2011

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Mentally and physically, teenagers are changing daily. Be ready. Bob Guere explains.

There are two essential elements in programming for pre-schoolers, adolescents and teenagers. One is to ensure fun is pre-eminent. The other is to define, recognize and program based on expectations.

Expectations should be glaringly different in each age group and certainly in your adult classes.

Many CrossFit affiliates wrongly lump teen population with adults out of assumed necessity, convenience or ignorance. Yet there is opportunity to make a huge impact in a teenager’s life if your expectations are in check and your programming follows.



4 Comments on “What to Expect When Coaching Teens”


wrote …

Thanks Bob for sharing your wisdom and experience. This is a great read and very helpful in terms of programming for teen athletes. I'm about to begin a 12 week program with a girls basketball team and this information has set my mind in the right direction. Thanks again!


wrote …

I very much agree that teens have different programming needs and should be in their own specific class. Teens want nothing so much as to fit in, and being put into a class where you have to physically keep to with someone who is old enough to be your dad is not the way to do that. After having been in multiple types of group classes (martial arts, strength and conditioning) it quickly becomes apparent to anyone paying attention that the major reason everyone is grouped together is because of convenience; it's the easiest way, not the best way.
Outlining and implementing a specific training regimen and class for teens, with a well qualified instructor, I believe is one of the best ways to initiate teens into what a positive fitness lifestyle can and should be like: fun, challenging and full of progress.


Bob Guere wrote …

That's awesome Kevin! Let me know how it goes! I've seen great results with the soccer team on injury prevention and conditioning. I have much more equipment this year than last, and they're going to get much more lifting than they did the last 2 years.

Todd, couldn't agree more.


Jeff Martin wrote …

Thank you Bob. This is a misunderstood and consequently under served population within CrossFit. Appreciate your efforts at training teens.

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