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What Would Andy Do? by Emily Beers - CrossFit Journal

What Would Andy Do?

By Emily Beers

In LEO/Mil

August 17, 2011

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Emily Beers tells the story of the man behind the Hero WOD Nutts.

Richard and Jane Nuttall sit at their dining room table in their four-bedroom home in Victoria, B.C.

A year and a half has passed since their son, Andrew Nuttall, was killed in Afghanistan while serving with the Canadian military. He was 30.

Today, pictures of Andrew and military paraphernalia dominate the Nuttall home.

“These are some of Andrew’s medals,” says Richard, a semi-retired doctor, pointing to a framed box on the mantle that proudly displays two medals Andrew earned with the military. “This one here is called a ‘sacrifice medal,’” he says. “It’s a hard one to get.”

“We wish he didn’t earn that one,” adds Jane, a former nurse.

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5 Comments on “What Would Andy Do? ”


wrote …

That is an incredibly moving and inspirational story and well written article. Thank You.


wrote …

That was the suckiest thing to read ever.
As it should be.

Very well written. Thank-you.


replied to comment from David Johns

While I don't like the reason this article had to be written, what was written was incredibly moving and inspirational. Thanks!


wrote …

Wonderful article and tribute to a fallen comrade. My condolences to The Nuttall Family, and to all those who
gave their lives in the protection of freedom.


wrote …

Thank you brother. RIP.

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