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August 06, 2011

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Traveling can be annoying, especially if the guy in front of you in the security line is a tattooed, pierced dude wearing 18-hole combat boots and trying to export a large amount of reptiles in his oversized “carry-on suitcase.”

Pat Sherwood knows to avoid that guy in the airport. Sherwood works Level 1 Certificate Courses all over the world and spends a lot of time on the road, and in this installment of the Zone Chronicles, he explains how he plans ahead to minimize travel stress.

We know: planning ahead seems like a ridiculous idea, but having a plan to deal with emergencies will serve you well in most situations. However, when you’re trapped in a crummy airport food court and your plan falls apart, you have to be prepared to adapt and overcome, even when faced with a meal rich in bunly goodness.

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Additional reading: Q&A With Dr. John Berardi by Paul Southern, published June 27, 2011.

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16 Comments on “Zone Chronicles: Dulles Airport”


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

I wish this came out a week ago. I didn't know about the liquid thing with security and they made me toss my water bottle. I had mixed dried fruit with beef jerkey and walnuts to have on the plane but I was thirsty as hell. I also brought tuna packets for the layover in the airport. But I love the empty water bottle idea. Next time I guess.

Keep the Zone Chronicles coming!


wrote …

I love it. As a garage gym CrossFitter and the Exec Catering Chef at Apple I LOVE that he's rockin the iPad and iPhone!! 3-2-1 GO PAT! and ya (insert d-bag lame comment) there's an app for that...


wrote …

I travel every week for work. All the ideas and hints are right on and most all I have discovered. One other thing I would add if your stuck finding food at an airport for whatever reason I have found if you can find a mexican restaurant you can get faghitas (or however you spellit) with the meat and vegies and have them leave off the tortilla's rice and beans, it still make a filling legal meal.


wrote …

hope there's more zone / athlete daily nutrition stuff soon. could watch this shit every day ! thanx pat


wrote …

laughing hard re the fudrucker comment!! great job pat!


wrote …

Now when I eat like crap I'll just blame Heather B. I travel for work as well, so Steve's Original PaleoKits have saved me since I swore not to eat in airports. I take an empty Nalgene bottle in my carry on, and some extra raw almonds here and there. Staying hydrated when travelling heavy is hard as hell! If youre not dying of thirst, you have to pee every five seconds. Nothing is worse than having to pee and being sixth in line for take off!


wrote …

"BOOM! Nobody needs that". Hilarious. Come on. Bread for everyone!


Conan Bruce wrote … were in terminal A and went with Fudruckers over Five Guys? What were you thinking, ha ha. Love the videos. Keep em coming. And next time check out our box right around the corner from Dulles, CrossFit Impavidus (shameless plug). Blue skies and safe travels...


wrote …

I haven't been on a plane for almost 30 years. So I had no idea about the security measures now. So thank you especially for the tips like that. I found the food tips could just as easily apply to the train or bus.

As for jerky, I plan to start learning to do that with a dehydrator this month. It's going to take some experimenting but it would be a handy protein source in a pinch. Add some nuts and veggies or fruit and you have endless combinations.

I struggle with glutten so bad now, I couldn't even do a hamburger patty now. So most fast food places are out. Unless I find a subway.


wrote …

Why am I always behind "That Guy" and not Pat in the security line?

Why not the bison burger at Fudruckers?

Carrying an empty water bottle through security and filling it at a water fountain on the other side is a key to airline travel. Don't drink the water they serve on the plane. Most airlines refill their water bottles from holding tanks that are nasty.


wrote …

5 fries....


wrote …



wrote …

Pat, Not sure if you check these comments or not but where do you buy those almond butter packs? I found them online but would rather go pick them up in a store if possible.


replied to comment from Craig Smidt

Craig, I found them on Amazon, 30 packs for $25.20.

Still a huge Zone Chronicles fan!!!


wrote …

Zone Chronicles are by far my favorite article to watch on the journal.


wrote …

Raymond, at my airline (the one Pat flew on) we serve everyone water from water bottles. If anyone forgets to bring water on a flight, please don't accept becoming dehydrated - ask for water from a water bottle. They've told us that the humidity in a regular contemporary airliner is around 8%, similar to the Sahara. Of course, Pat's gameplan is better.

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