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September 16, 2011

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More than just an average seminar, War Camp holds true to its name. Matthew Hoff reports.

I had no idea what was in store when I signed up for the first CrossFit Endurance War Camp.

I had completed the CrossFit Endurance seminar at CrossFit Red Point in Fayetteville, N.C., so I knew the program but was rusty on its application.

Although I already was familiar with the theory of anaerobic endurance and its main tenets, the experience was eye-opening. It turned out to be one of the fullest weekends in recent memory. It was intended to be a refresher, a chance to rub elbows with other coaches, review the material and get some good critiques and advice. I was not expecting the camp to be graduate-level work.



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wrote …

Nicely done Matt.
It was great to have you attend the War Camp.


wrote …

So crossfit endurance is now ignoring all the research about race fueling? Not to mention general physiology and energy system utilization.


wrote …

I wondered if anyone would question that. Kind of surprising that it did not stir up a heated debate.


replied to comment from Stephanie Needham

Probably b/c there is no real debate. The author would do well to pubmed Jukendrup and go from there.


wrote …

What do they suggest fueling with? Jukendrup also advises LSD training, so what there obviously is a debate.


wrote …

The previous post should have said, ...,so there obviously is a debate.


wrote …

Jukendrup trains some of the best cyclists on the planet so I'll leave his methodologies to the teams he works with (although I'd like to see the citation where he explicitly endorses LSD training)

As for fueling, he has forgotten more about CHO oxidation in response to the physiological response to exercise than you or I will ever know. Dogma is great as is the occasional anecdote. But in some instances, it's probably best to at least have a look at the science.

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