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September 28, 2011

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Blair Morrison of CrossFit Anywhere in Sacramento, Calif., finished the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games in fifth place. After the Games, this Reebok athlete set out for a CrossFit-style exploration of Iceland with a group of athletes and fellow Games vet and tour guide Sveinbjorn Sveinbjornsson.

“What I hope to … is give people an opportunity to kind of experience an adventure that they might do as a tourist but with an element of CrossFit and kind of physical interaction with (their) surroundings,” Morrison says.

Part 1 begins with the athletes’ arrival in Iceland and a WOD at Parliament Wall in Reykjavic with burpees and wall muscle-ups. Then the group is off to explore the Icelandic wilderness and get in some workouts utilizing features of the landscape.

In Part 2, the journey continues with pistol skill work beside a picturesque waterfall. Lifting rocks and each other, the athletes build their strength. Along the way, they stop at a local CrossFit affiliate to get in some barbell and gymnastics work. Then they take on a local challenge: running a church’s stairs for time. Finally, they challenge themselves to some white-water rafting.

In Part 3, the athletes use the rocky terrain to work on their L-sits, and then they work on their strength with barbells—barefoot in the sand. Taking advantage of their proximity to the water, they don wetsuits and go swimming in frigid water after a team chipper. For some, the biggest challenge is still ahead: participating in a local marathon and half-marathon while others run an innovative 10K.

“One of the greatest things about this experience I think has been the collection of people and personalities that we’ve gotten from really all over the world,” Morrison says.

“I’m very proud of the people we have here,” he continues. “I’m very impressed more than anything, and I can only hope to be so lucky in the future to meet people like this more often.”

Part 1
14min 21sec

Part 2
16min 12sec

Part 3
18min 19sec

Additional reading: World of WODs No. 5: Sacramento, Calif. by Blair Morrison, published June 1, 2011.

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23 Comments on “Anywherefit: Iceland With Blair Morrison”


wrote …

I want to be Blair Morrison when I grow up. Explosions in the sky in the soundtrack = win.


wrote …

It was an amazing experience, way more than any of us could have expected...thanks Blair...and thanks Amy,John,Ricky,Paul,Steve,Camille,Josh,Judah,Megan,Gino,Carmen,Ben,Lee,Jackie,Vlad,Kris,Daniel,Liselotte,Peter,Marco,Tom,Nick,Ross,Dan,Svein,Ottar,Hilmar,Asta,Einar.
I will never forget...Anywhere Fit Iceland 2011


wrote …

Wow that was so cool.


wrote …

What a VERY cool concept: CrossFit Adventure Tourism. Where do I sign up?


wrote …

Best. Videos. Ever.

A good answer to "What is CrossFit?"


wrote …

Sounds like a great business model, Blair!


wrote …

Bravo! Inspiring and sweet - a special "Klap" for the soundtracks ^^


robert day wrote …

Wow, just very, very cool video!!

loving what you are doing Blair and very jealous


wrote …

Cool concept and great video!!!


wrote …

Simply amazing. Great work Blair!


wrote …

One of the most motivational videos to date. Makes me want to go outside each time I hit a workout. Blair you are an inspiration! Very cool video!


wrote …

Any way to purchase the anywherefit t-shirts?


wrote …

I have been following the CFJ on a daily basis for about six years and this is one of the best, if not the best ever, videos and production CrossFit has ever made. Blair has had a wonderful concept to make it real and let people understand what CrossFit is all about! Just a question : I loved all music put in the videos, is there any chance to get titles and artists?
Great Blair


wrote …

The videos were filmed and made by Ross "Grizzly" Coughlin of MyPrimalTVproductions who was filming for Reebok. Great guy, brilliant Artist.

Having been one of the lucky ones who went on this trip, words cannot describe what we each got out of it. The videos show just a glimpse at how spectacular it was.


wrote …

Amazing series of videos on all levels!!! It looked like an incredible experience!


wrote …

Phenomenal! I love it. This is what true crossfit is about...


wrote …

Great idea and Videos!
Part 3 stopped playing/downloading in windows media player when the guy was saying how clear the water for diving was.....anyyone else having the same problem?


wrote …

Artist(s) for the video: Sigur Ros, Explosions In The Sky (instrumental song), and Jonsi. There may be another one or two I missed, but they used a whole bunch of Sigur Ros, a band from Iceland. Oh, to be from El Dorado Hills...


wrote …

I for one would love to see more crossfit videos like this! Simply amazing, beautifully put together film.


wrote …

Wow. Probably the best videos on the journal so far! Amazing work Blair.


wrote …

Powerful piece. Can anyone give me the name of the opening song? I believe it is by Sigur Ros.


wrote …

Thanks David for helping me finding the songs. Epic!!


wrote …

Awesome, when is the next one?? i sure hope you do more, this looks awesome.
Just what the other side of CrossFit is

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