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Cycling Basics: Part 3 by Doug Katona - CrossFit Journal

Cycling Basics: Part 3

By Doug Katona

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September 01, 2011

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In this series, Brian MacKenzie and Doug Katona of CrossFit Endurance share tips for improving your cycling performance. Using a Wattbike, the two are able to collect data on cycling performance and improve technique. Today’s goal is improving posture while cycling.

“Cycling biomechanically is a very, very fine skill,” Katona says. Using the analogy of a clock, he provides simple ways to look at pedaling biomechanics to see where power is generated.

“What we’re looking for is a smooth, fluid, rhythmical pedal stroke without any choppiness,” Katona says. But he cautions, “Don’t over think the pedal stroke.”

He says there is a natural progression of a heel lift and toe point, but don’t try to do either intentionally. Pointing your toes as fatigue sets in only leads to a cascade of power-draining faults involving midline breaks and folds in the lower back.

Next Katona discusses ideal cadence, or revolutions per minute (rpm), specifically for flat roads and hill climbs. For efficiency, he suggests remaining seated instead of standing for most climbs.

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Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: Where Is Your Body Weight? The Key to Efficient Movement by Michael Collins, published Jan. 1, 2008.

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5 Comments on “Cycling Basics: Part 3”


Thomas Stegelmann wrote …

NIce video again! I'm already seeing improvements in my cycling.


wrote …

Good stuff! I'm not a cyclist or really even interested in riding anything but my beach cruiser :), however, the information given in this series is concise and makes a lot of sense to me as an athlete and I'm really glad I watched the videos. Thanks!


replied to comment from Thomas Stegelmann

Glad to hear it, there will be more to come!


wrote …

Great video. Where can I find parts 1 and 2?


Frank Beauvais wrote …

Just got done watching all 3 vid's. Now i can't wait to pick up my new tribike next week and hit the pavement! It's my first road bike in prep for doing triathlons and I'm gathering as much info on the cycling portion as I can. Thanks for the great info!

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