Burg’s Eye View No. 5

By Mike Burgener

In Olympic Lifts

September 07, 2011

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Coach Mike Burgener analyzes James Hobart and Lindsey Valenzuela in the clean and jerk.

James Hobart has always had a reputation as a good Olympic lifter, and he didn’t disappoint at the CrossFit-USAW Open in Colorado Springs, Colo., combining a great performance on the platform with a solid outing in the triplet to finish fourth overall in the 85-kilogram class.

Lindsey Valenzuela absolutely dominated the platform by posting an Oly total 23 kilograms above her closest competitor. Incredibly, she boosted 91 kilograms with a power clean on her final lift in the first half of the contest.

In Part 5 of this series, Coach Mike Burgener breaks down one lift from each great competitor.

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3 Comments on “Burg’s Eye View No. 5”


Johnny Di Gregorio wrote …

Lindsey is a strong woman. I trained side by side with her for 6 months. At Nationals this year she was on par to Snatch 90kg (1kg less than the clean in this article) and Clean and Jerk 110kg.
I do believe she was power cleaning at the time of this event because she was still repairing her back from an old injury.

She is amazing and has a determination and pain tolerance for training that surpasses a lot of people.

Watch out for her over the next few years. She is only going to get better.


wrote …

thx coach B!


wrote …

Really appreciating all the outstanding information Coach B is putting out on the site. Sage is still my favorite Burgener:)

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