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September 17, 2011

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Concept2 master trainer Angela Hart shows how adjustments in your rowing technique can improve your power and efficiency.

At the catch, you want to achieve an acute angle of about 60 degrees, whereas at the finish, you want to achieve an obtuse angle of about 120 degrees, Hart says. While most rowers can achieve the angle at the back of their stroke, the front angle is problematic.

“You’ve gotta close the hinge so you can spring it open and get that power that you needed to make the rowing stroke effective,” Hart says.

A cue Hart provides for this front angle is to pinch a finger in the hip crease. “You want to feel that pinch occur before the knees bend,” she says.

Hart demonstrates proper rowing angles during the stroke and has the class follow along.

“Legs, hips, arms. Turn it around. Arms, hips, legs,” she cues. “Notice the rhythm: quick drive, slow recovery. Push, glide. Push, glide.”

Hart then builds the force curve from the catch, adding each piece together: the kick, the swing and then the pull. From the finish, she builds the second half of the curve, adding the pull, the swing and then the legs.

“Try to make sure your knees open before your hips. Keep your elbows long and loose until the shoulders are through the hips. Then you can bend the elbows,” Hart says.

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Additional reading: Rowing Technique by Angela Hart, published Oct. 1, 2006.

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8 Comments on “CrossFit Rowing Trainer Course: Technique”


wrote …

cant wait til open gym to try these techniques. great video, thanks


Gabriel Haas wrote …

These videos are awesome. Great tips for my own technique but I also use them when training. Thanks!


wrote …

Great video - I am especially impressed with how the instructor is able to articulate the nuances in practical and simple terms. She made me realize I have been missing a whole section of my rowing stroke!


wrote …

love this. i struggle with that rower sometimes. this was solid practical approach to solving an issue that i was unaware of. and i love love love Angela!


wrote …

Best rowing video on the journal


Thomas Stegelmann wrote …

Being a former rower, I cannot add anything to this video. These are very useful tips you will learn in any competitive rowing club.


wrote …

I don't get her saying if your hamstrings are active how you cant have hip flex ion. Doesn't make since. When she said no she said no shoulders movements but she was clearly bring the rower to her chest.


wrote …

Hello from Australia! This video is by far the best instructional on rowing I have seen. I have been watching so many videos online regarding rowing technique and most of them and the instructors are complete garbage. This was well explained, the progressions steps are awesome. I have used and practiced each progression and combining them into progressive drills which has already improved my efficiency and technique dramatically in just a few days. I have re-watched this video multiple times and it is my go to video when I'm helping others improve their rowing in the gym and encourage them to watch. Great video, keep up the good work and thank you for posting. Your head and shoulders above the rest.

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