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September 30, 2011

PDF Article

Here are the individual PDF articles published in September 2011, collected together in a single download.

The video and audio articles are not contained in the PDF.

The articles included here are:

Zero to 60 - Barnett
Life Stress and CrossFit - Fletcher
Calling All Sisters - Ross
Why We Fight: FGB6 - Wagner
Burg’s Eye View No. 5 - Burgener
DIY Med-Ball - Kala
Staying in the Fight - Divine
Banana Pops - Dazet/Brown
From Iraq to Kilimanjaro - Beers
A Review of CrossFit Endurance War Camp - Hoff
Getting too Comfortable - Khalipa
CrossFit Pizza Delivery - Nichols
Finding the Fittest: Programming the Games - Achauer
Valley Girl’s Vertigo - Cecil
The Orienteering WOD - Sinclair
CrossFit Training During Pregnancy and Motherhood - Perkins/Dewalt
Getting Inverted - Tucker/Hyland



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