Behind the Scenes: Part 8

By Sevan Matossian

In CrossFit Games, HD Videos

September 19, 2011

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Join Sevan Matossian as he captures the athletes, judges, spectators and staff, providing a look at what goes on before, during and after the events of the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games.

In Part 8, the final series of three workouts is getting underway. Beforehand, men’s leader Rich Froning sits in the same place he did last year at the same time. However, in 2010 he finished second after a disappointing final workout. This year he is determined.

“I just want to crush it. I just want to leave no doubt,” he says.

After taking the win, Annie Thorisdottir is emotional backstage. She’s overjoyed to be the Fittest Woman on Earth, and she’s smiling, as always.

“It couldn’t have gone better. I’m so stoked about it,” she says.

Defending Games champion Graham Holmberg placed first, second and fourth on the final three workouts and finished fourth overall.

“At the CrossFit Games and at the competitive level that this sport is getting to, you can’t have any mistakes early in the weekend,” he says.

“It was a fun, fun weekend,“ he continues, ”and I think the guy that was deserving of the title is gonna be standing on the podium, right where he should be. Rich had a heck of a weekend, had a heck of a year training, and I’m happy for him.”

After crowning new champs and putting on a great event that was broadcast on, Games organizers have a moment to reflect on the 2011 Games.

“It’s fun. It’s very fun. It’s stressful. It’s so much tension, so many moments, so many highs and lows, and it’s so rewarding at the end,” CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro says in summary.

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9 Comments on “Behind the Scenes: Part 8”


wrote …

Thank you so much. These videos were so entertaining. The interviews were so insightful. You have a gift, like Terry Gross from NPR, you ask the questions everyone wishes they could ask.
I can't wait until the next CF event.


wrote …

Awesome video, nice interview Graham!


Diego Lopez wrote …

Great end to a great series. Graham and Spealler interviews were outstanding.
Annie's reaction to winning it all was refreshing - tears, smiles, skipping, jumping.

My favorite shot was when you panned over from Annie and her tears of joy over to Spealler packing his bag. That was tough to see considering how bad I've wanted Chris to win the whole damn thing.


wrote …

I agree with the other comments. The entire video was excellent, but Annie, Speal and Graham were my favorite parts.


wrote …

The moment when Annie found out she won was amazing. Thanks for all the great videos, Sevan. Great job!


wrote …

Such a great end to a great event and a great series of videos! Gotta love KStar and Paoli. Fully enjoyed getting to see each competitor, these guys have so much heart it's courageous and inspiring.

Thanks Sevan


wrote …

This series should be on ESPN2. I think it really captures the essence of Crossfit, the Games and the athletes.


wrote …

This video was my favourite. I almost forgot I was watching at home in Australia as I could have sworn I was there. I felt the best was saved for last!

Thanks so much Sevan


Bryce Greenstein wrote …

Looking back at the past 5 years from 2007 to now, Speal certainly doesn't need to win the Games to confirm that he's probably the best CrossFitter. I think Dave Castro said the same thing in a Tahoe video.

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