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Gymnastics Warm-Up at the 2011 Summer Affiliate Gathering by Jeff Tucker - CrossFit Journal
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“We use this dynamic stretch as a way to see your body move,” CrossFit Gymnastics coach Jeff Tucker says. “So we’re gonna find some of the chinks in the armor, maybe flexibility or lack thereof, and we’re also gonna play with something else called ‘body awareness.’”

Tucker runs affiliate owners through a warm-up at the 2011 Summer Affiliate Gathering recently held in Big Sky, Mont.

His first movement is the inchworm, which assesses posterior flexibility. Next up are walking-lunge variations to assess body awareness, balance and kinesthetic awareness.

To further assess body awareness, balance and flexibility, and to add in strength, Tucker has the athletes attempt crossed-leg pistols. Afterwards, he drills them on hollow holds, rocks, rolls and superman holds.

“There are a plethora of other moves that we put in … ,” Tucker says. “They can be used in a workout, a warm-up, right, or just a skill set.”

“The jar of suck is up to you,” he says.

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Additional reading: The Russian’s Gymnastics Warm-Up by Leo Soubbotine, published Nov. 21, 2009.

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More Rory please


wrote …

perfect! thx coach tucker!


wrote …

I absolutely love the impromptu nature of this video. Great stuff from Coach Tucker. Thanks!


wrote …

I was there and the roll from hollow to Superman was crazy tough. Try it! Like Coach Tucker said: "If you have to use your extremities, do so, but that means you're weak."


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amazing information thank you


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Love the hollow exercises. Thanks!


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N I C E ! ! !

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