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By Matt Chan

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September 13, 2011

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Join Matt Chan as he plays tour guide for his gym: CrossFit Verve in Denver, Colo. His affiliate opened in 2008 and moved into its current home in January of this year.

Chan shows off his front desk and cubby area.

“Pretty much everything that we have had to build or sub out in this space we’ve tried to use our members,” he says.

The equipment in his gym has been acquired over the years. The Rogue structure was used at the CrossFit-USAW Open last year. He just added a Rogue Monkey Rig, which premiered in the Killer Kage event at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games. In addition to the standard fare, he has chains, stones, jerk blocks, a slack line and Home Depot caps for sliders.

“My favorite thing in our gym, right here, is the set of parallel bars that literally sat in my garage for three years,” he says. They were one of his first acquisitions after he started CrossFitting.

Chan says he devised a way to keep his boxes from sticking together when stacked. “We took these and put felt on the inside of the box so when you place them on there, it sits real soft and they come off real easy,” he says. He even has a roller underneath the box stack for ease of moving the boxes across the 6,800-square-foot gym space.

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 182 by Justin Judkins, published July 27, 2011.



12 Comments on “CrossFit Verve Tour”


wrote …

Cool video. I was half expecting a long Rogue commercial but this was far from it. Nice work.


wrote …

Verve does things well....very well.


wrote …

That mustache is awesome.


wrote …

Great box I hope to one day be able to steal ideas from you. Keep up the great work Chans


wrote …

Matt and Cherie,

Your gym looks amazing. Congrats on your expansion!

See you guys soon,


wrote …

Living the dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wrote …

Great tour and great box, but get rid of the mustache! Clean bathrooms will bring in more customers, but a bad mustache will scare them away.


Gerard Mcauliffe wrote …

Beautiful box, definately setting the standard for the rest of us!


wrote …

Great box, well done!!


wrote …

Can someone explain the slots cut into the boxes used for box jumps? It looks like they would provide some cushion when landing on the box. How is it cut? How does it work? Would I be able to modify my existing boxes to add this type of slot? I'm very intrigued by the boxes shown here. I'd like to see a video of someone jumping on this style of box.


wrote …

Having just opened my own affiliate less than 2 months ago, your video got me fired up to keep working hard to grow my membership and community. Like most "overnight" success stories, I'm sure there was a decade+ of hard work, mistakes, and learning that occurred in order for you guys to now be in this is temple of functional fitness. Well done, and thanks for the inspiration.


wrote …

WOW ! Thats a box, what sort of regupol mats are they ?

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