Why We Fight: FGB6

By Lon Wagner

In LEO/Mil

September 06, 2011

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Lon Wagner explains what the Sept. 17 Fight Gone Bad fundraiser means to the families of fallen spec-ops soldiers.

Lt. Col. Craig Robinson died when his daughter Courtney was 11. Her mother suddenly became a widow responsible for raising two daughters by herself and sweated all the details of bringing up the girls alone. And there was one huge financial hurdle that she worried about, too—figuring out how to send two girls to college.

It turned out that would be taken care of by a non-profit called the Special Operations Warriors Foundation. SOWF pays 100 percent of the college expenses of the children of special-operations men who die on missions or in training. This fall, 150 children of deceased special-operations warriors will go to college on SOWF grants.

And on Sept. 17, at Fight Gone Bad 6 to be held at CrossFit gyms all over the country, a non-profit called Sportsgrants will be raising money to keep those scholarship coffers full.

Participate in Fight Gone Bad 6 on Sept. 17, 2011, to help the families of wounded and fallen service members. Sign up for the fundraiser at http://sportsgrants.org/fgb6/sowf and make a donation by texting “FGB6” to 57682. From outside the U.S., text “FGB6” to 4246751014. The minimum donation is $10, and standard text-message rates apply.

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No doubt now that I will be participating in FGB this month!

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