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October 17, 2011

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In this video, affiliate owners in Panama show off their boxes and share how CrossFit has changed their lives and the lives of their athletes.

“I think it’s been received with hands wide open,” says Adriana Roquer, co-owner of CrossFit PTY. She says her kids program has been a big selling point because it’s the first in Panama.

While at first reluctant to begin CrossFitting herself, Roquer says she’s hooked now.

“Since my first WOD, I haven’t stopped,” she says.

Word of mouth has been the primary mode of publicity for Panama’s CrossFit boxes, and their community has grown as affiliates have branched off from their founding gyms. Many of Panama’s CrossFitters competed in the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games Open and Latin America Regional.

“I am doing what I love here,” says CrossFit Briga’s Andres Danelutto, who competed in the regional. He admits the competition was rough for him, but he says he’s happy he competed. Danelutto finished in third place.

Roquer is also loving her life as a CrossFitter.

“I’m happy. I’m very happy where I am, and hopefully it will bring more friends in our life and my family together,” she says.

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9 Comments on “Affiliate Owners of Panama”


wrote …

Primero en espaƱol para mis amigos y anfitriones en Panama.

Los felicito les deseo exito y gracias nuevamente.
Me alegra verlos aqui.
Great video, is so good to see the how much has grow CrossFit in Latin America and and CF PTY, Strong Pack and BRIGA are excellent examples ofn this.


wrote …

I love the smile on her face at the end of the video.


wrote …

I soooooooo want to go to Panama CrossFit to train...


wrote …

Absolutely beautiful trainers/owners.


wrote …

That was a great video. CrossFit is growing fast in Latin America because of all the cool, passionate people leading the charge down there. I wish you all the best!

By the way, "DNF Dude" cracked me up!


wrote …

Just one comment,LOOVe it! the motivation these girls gave me was awesome,by watching them i was visualizing my own box.I wish them the best! Puerto rico will soon have a Box!! and we will be feature there too.


wrote …

Love all the boxes and the contrast in the set ups...wasn't sure what to make of Crossfit Strong Pack but that came out on top for me, just for the grass roots feel it had! music too ! :)x


wrote …

Loved the video, can't wait to have a box...Oh and Sharon I plan on visiting PR in a couple weeks and I'm going to be stopping through...


replied to comment from Benjamin Walters

Hey Benjamin keep in contact i know you are certified already i will in April!,Puerto Rico? you will have a blast!

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