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The Lumberjack Challenge: Part 2 by Kurtis Bowler - CrossFit Journal

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October 14, 2011

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This summer, Rainier CrossFit in Washington state hosted the Lumberjack Challenge. With events like single bucking, double bucking, standing block chop, choker setting and axe throwing, this challenge brought classic lumberjack skills to CrossFitters.

In Part 2, the video crew continues coverage of the event and catches up with Rainier CrossFit athletes such as MMA fighter Demetrious Johnson. According to Johnson, his CrossFit coaches “made me a better athlete.”

CrossFit has also improved his fighting success.

“I’m always 100 percent confident when I go in there that I’m not going to get tired,” Johnson says.

Jesse Bifano, owner of CrossFit Squamish, races through an obstacle course, then discusses how his athletes also train and compete in logger sports.

Rainier CrossFit owner Kurtis Bowler demonstrates bucking technique and safe use of the saw for single and double bucking, and athletes take on the challenges of the bucking events and the log roll.


Vdeo by Again Faster.

Additional reading: The Lumberjacks Remember by Staff Sgt. Lasonya Morales, published in Dec. 6, 2010.

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This video had way less lumberjacking then I hoped.

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