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Annie Thorisdottir: Getting Better by Annie Thorisdottir - CrossFit Journal

Annie Thorisdottir: Getting Better

By Annie Thorisdottir

In CrossFit Games, Videos

October 20, 2011

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“I don’t like losing—definitely not,” Annie Thorisdottir says. “But it’s easier to lose when you know that you did your best and you knew that the other person just deserved to win.”

Thorisdottir is committed to her training and being the best at every competition. She says she trains about four hours a day with one day off a week. And she’s constantly striving to get better.

“I can get a lot better, I hope,” she says.

According to Thorisdottir, the Open and Regional competitions are important training tools for the Games themselves. However, she cautions against trying the Open workouts over and over for the best score. To her, doing so is equivalent to “ruining your training program.”

According to Thorisdottir, it isn’t likely you’ll make it to the Games if you have to re-do a workout multiple times to qualify for the regionals.

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wrote …

Gotta love Annie!


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The sound encoding for iPad doesn't work :(


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The sound encoding for iPad doesn't work :(


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Where did she get that sweatshirt?


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