Bar None

By Jeff Martin

In Kids

October 04, 2011

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Kids see infinite games in a set of pull-up bars, and Jeff Martin describes three versions that just might work with “big kids” too.

Every CrossFit gym has pull-up bars. For grown-ups, this is where we get our work done; for kids, even teens, the bars are not just a place to do pull-ups. Walk into any box with a thriving Kids program, and before class you will see kids hanging, swinging and generally playing on the bars.

We want kids to have a strong grip and shoulders as a precursor to pull-ups. At CrossFit Kids HQ, we harness this play and make it useful, turning strength acquisition into games and contests. Three we often use are monkey hangs, monkey swings and Don’t Touch the Ground.



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Thanks for the great ideas Jeff! Keep them coming, please!

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