A CrossFit Transformation

By Emily Beers

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October 29, 2011

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In February, two new clients joined CrossFit Vancouver and made a remarkable transformation.

Dustin and James work together at Flight Centre Canada, which holds an annual 12-week fitness challenge. This year, the pair decided to try out CrossFit in an effort to improve health parameters and win the grand prize of a two-week mountain-biking vacation in Vietnam.

In addition to the prize, James’ motivation included becoming healthier for his upcoming wedding. Dustin had already started his own transformation before beginning CrossFit and was on a road back from living “completely out of control.”

Along with regular CrossFitting, Dustin and James started the Paleo Diet to improve their nutrition.

“I put a lot of weight on when I started drinking … and it was really, really hard for me to stop eating sugar,” Dustin says.

The two have made significant progress. Their second workout was a half Helen, and nine weeks later they both finished a full Helen in less time. Both lost over 20 lb.

“I don’t want to go back to the lifestyle I had,” James says.

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wrote …

Righteous! Love this sort of "starter" coverage.
If only I had taken a snapshot (literal and figurative) of myself before gradual start.


wrote …

Nice one Eunice!!! Super good folks up at CF Vancouver...


wrote …

might want to edit the pin number out


wrote …

Very nice!!


wrote …

Great video, I love your style of coverage Emily - you always add great insight with a touch of Canadian humour :)

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