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Dialing It In by Bob Takano - CrossFit Journal

Dialing It In

By Bob Takano

In Olympic Lifts

October 14, 2011

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Not every athlete has ideal proportions for Oly lifting. Bob Takano goes over starting-position variations for the snatch pull, clean pull and jerk.

Most coaches and athletes who are first introduced to the Olympic lifts through the Crossfit Oly Seminar or the USAW Level 1 are taught technique that works for most people most of the time. It’s the vanilla, one-size-fits-all version of technique that will cover most situations.

If you are a coach, as you move along in your development, you will probably encounter individuals who need to vary their grip and/or stance because their proportions will not allow them to lift effectively using the vanilla prescriptions. This article will explore some of these variants. These alterations have been developed over an extended period of coaching not only weightlifters but also athletes from a variety of sports.

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wrote …

Not easy to make such a technical topic so accessible in an article, thanks Coach T. Paul


wrote …

Coach T, great article. Thank you.

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