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October 27, 2011

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“The goal is to go to the Games in 2012 and be in even better shape,” Annie Thorisdottir says.

“I didn’t really know CrossFit,” she says of her first Games in 2009. Thorisdottir had only been CrossFitting for a couple of months prior to competing, and afterwards she didn’t know if she would be back.

Now, Thorisdottir is head over heels for the sport of fitness.

“My life kind of revolves around CrossFit,” she says. “CrossFit is such a huge part of my life, and I really enjoy everything that I’m doing now and getting all the opportunities that I’m getting.”

Despite her success, Iceland Annie says she hasn’t let her fame go to her head.

“I just always watch out that I stay myself—no matter what,” she says.

Thorisdottir says she’s maturing mentally through her Games experiences and is becoming more confident in speaking English. Her commitment to CrossFit has also grown.

“I always get the feeling I just want to go again. I’m kind of looking forward to the Games next year already,” she says.

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Additional reading: A Ringing Success by Mike Warkentin, published Nov. 6, 2009.

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6 Comments on “Annie Thorisdottir: Growing up CrossFit”


wrote …

It was my privilege to be "backstage" at the 2009 CrossFit Games to see Annie being coached on muscle-ups just before her heat.

IMHO, the roar from the crowd when Annie got her first-ever muscle up still ranks as one of the all-time great CrossFit moments.


wrote …

Are we going to see more on Rich?


wrote …

Annie is an absolutely incredible athlete. Inspiring to all those that have watched her compete over the years!!! Well done!

PS: I second John Montoya's question? I'd like to see a segment on Rich just like you've done with Mikko and Graham in the years past!


wrote …

She is HOT


wrote …

I wonder if Annie gets sick of all these interviews pointing out how young she is?? That was almost 7mins of pointing out that she is young and asking her if she feels she is an adult now?? geees...

Who cares about her age, she is a machine - interview her about her training, her gym, delve more into her nutrion etc...


Bob Guere wrote …

My wife and I were lucky enough to be camped next to Annie and her family in tent-city. We spoke with them briefly a couple times, and loved immediately her attitude and the support of her loving family. From all the videos since, Annie has not changed a bit (outside her capacities)..... We are so glad we were there "when Annie met CrossFit"....

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