I Believe in Zombies

By Andréa Maria Cecil

In Rest Day/Theory

October 31, 2011

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Andréa Maria Cecil advises you prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse not just with weapons, but with fit people.

Forget the word “zombie.” It’s a loaded term. Next, think “infectious disease.” Better yet: “pandemic.”

The condition spreads rapidly, has no known cure and affects humans in such a way that they no longer behave as such. Their minds and bodies become controlled by the disease. And what diseases want most is the same as every other living thing: To survive. Thus, their primary goal is to spread. What I’m talking about here is a pandemic—one that turns people into flesh-eating monsters.

You think I’m joking? Take a look at our culture.

What you see is the undead—or allusions to them—on TV via AMC’s The Walking Dead, zombies in popular music with so-called “Zombie Boy”’ appearing in Lady Gaga’s Born This Way video, hosts of movies focusing on various forms of the Zombie Apocalypse, and, on Oct. 23, more than 10,000 people willing to test their athletic prowess against people acting as zombies during the inaugural Run for Your Lives zombie 5K in Darlington, Md.

It’s no coincidence.

Someone—or something—is trying to prepare us for a Zombie Apocalypse.

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See, it IS true. CrossFit saves lives.


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Awesome. I will say that I cannot believe you didn't mention John Welbourn. That dude is super zombie prepared. When this finally goes down, I'm going straight to CF Balboa.

he even has a shirt!


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Awesome article! I agree 100%; your words are very timely and pertinent.


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Love it!!! Unknown and unknowable!

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