Getting to Know a Coach

By Joe DeGain

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October 06, 2011

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Joe DeGain is the owner of 810 CrossFit in Grand Blanc, Mich., and part of the HQ Seminar Staff. In this video, he describes how he found CrossFit, brought it into his profession as a high-school teacher and coach, and started his own box.

DeGain’s first CrossFit workout was Helen.

“Of course, just like everybody else, your first experience with CrossFit, it just crumbled me into the ground. I was ruined—and then very, very curious as to what the rest of it was,” he says.

DeGain slowly came around to embrace CrossFit in its entirety. He even incorporated CrossFit into his sports coaching and as a club at the high school where he worked. He shares how his own athletes and Coach Glassman have motivated him. As a result, he opened his own box and has watched his tight-knit community grow.

“The reason that I love this place so much is very much the community that it brings in,” he says.

8min 41sec

Additional video: Zone Chronicles: Fort Riley by Pat Sherwood, published May 17, 2009.

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8 Comments on “Getting to Know a Coach”


wrote …

Joe coached us at the Level 1 Cert in Omaha back in August. Excellent coach and a really cool dude. Great video!


wrote …

Ya, he was down in Ann Arbor this past summer for my level ! Cert as well. Great guy, simple and concise in his instructions. Very humble and easy to learn from. Didn't know you wrestled at U of M! Sweet!
Great job again Joe. I'll be up to visit 810 one of these days!
~Dan Anderson


wrote …

I am proud to say Joe is my coach. He has been a huge inspiration to me. He is a very busy guy and still has time to put max effort into coaching classes. Thanks Joe.


wrote …

I met Joe at the L1Cert in Milton Ont. last Nov., had a great chat afterwords. Very down-to-earth, very real dude, he speaks and coaches from the heart! Happy you got your box up and going Joe! All the best to you!


wrote …

Every once on a while you have a chance to meet someone that inspires with passion and genuineness. Great job, Joe.


wrote …

So proud and excited to be a part of what Joe and his wife Liz are creating with 810 CrossFit. Our family, complete with blood, sweat, tears and laughter, grows and develops every day!


wrote …

Great video! Reminds me of CrossFit Matters in KC!


wrote …

Just had Joe as my coach this past weekend at Rogue Fitness. It was really a treat getting to learn from his bag of tricks. Thank you again Joe and hopefully I will get to do a WOD with ya one day.

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