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October 22, 2011

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Joe DeGain, owner of 810 CrossFit in Grand Blanc, Mich., is proud to open his gym to his family.

“This is probably one of my favorite parts of owning a gym,” he says.

He credits his wife for holding the fort while he travels for HQ as a member of the Seminar staff.

“I couldn’t do it without her,” he says.

DeGain also has a group of dedicated coaches, including his wife, so he knows he leaves the gym in capable hands while he’s on the road.

When programming CrossFit workouts for his young children, DeGain often lets them choose the movements they enjoy most.

“Whatever keeps it fun for them,” he says.

The gym owner says he would never take CrossFit away from his kids or use it as punishment.

“CrossFit’s been too big of a blessing. It’s changed my life, and I want them to love it just as much,” he says.

Liz DeGain, Joe’s wife, shares how she became a CrossFitter herself and how it has changed her life as well.

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5 Comments on “CrossFit Is a Family Affair With Joe DeGain”


wrote …

Coach Degain,

Everyday I am inspired and amazed with the hard work and dedication you put forth in your community and box. Your personal dedication, your inspiration is above reproach. Everyday I make it into the box (work schedule permitting) I am extremely motivated to give my all. And your level of professionalism and dedication drives me even harder. The community your building is rock solid. above and beyond. We need more coaches like you.

Thank you coach.

-Nick J


wrote …

Sounds like a great box and an even better family


replied to comment from David Johns

His family is awesome! and his box is awesome! you should visit sometime!


wrote …

Great work Joe!


wrote …

Great video, thanks for sharing. It looks a lot like our family's life!!! Running a box and raising kids is definetly like "couples therapy in a sick twisted way."

Jen Abreut

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