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Making Atlas Stones With Rob Orlando by Rob Orlando - CrossFit Journal

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October 19, 2011

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Rob Orlando, owner of Hybrid Athletics, coaches CrossFit Strongman Trainer Courses across the country. In this video, he demonstrates how to make atlas stones.

“From beginning to end, I mean the process is really pretty simple,” Orlando says. “You get the ingredients and then ... it takes a little practice to get the mix right.”

The ingredients you need include buckets, silicone lube, zip ties, cement, a trowel, clippers/scissors to remove zip ties, a flathead screwdriver, a rag, a rubber mallet, a chisel and the molds. After you’ve purchased the molds, creating a set of stones costs “less than a hundred dollars,” he says.

First, spray the inside of the molds. He says to be liberal with the silicone spray.

“You can’t do too much really,” he says. “The more of this you put on there, the easier they are to come apart.”

Next, zip-tie the halves of the mold together. Then, mix the cement and fill the mold. Orlando shows the proper cement consistency required. After 24 hours, the stone is ready to come out of the mold. Orlando shows how to remove the stone safely and clean it up so it can finish curing.

“The longer you can keep the cement wet or damp, the stronger and the better the cure on the cement stones,” Orlando says. So after an hour baking in the sun, he hoses down the stones periodically to ensure their strength.

Finally, clean up the molds carefully so that they last. Orlando says don’t use sandpaper to remove debris.

“You want to try your best to keep the plastic as smooth as possible,” he says.

9min 55sec

Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 135 by Justin Judkins, published Sept. 1, 2010.

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18 Comments on “Making Atlas Stones With Rob Orlando”


wrote …

good stuff


wrote …

Vaseline will also do the trick to help from sticking to the mold. We used to build concrete cano√ęs when I was at University and it worked great. Another option that works is plastic that you can use during the winter to weatherproof windows that shrinks with the application of heat with a hairdryer.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Thanks, Rob!


wrote …

"That's a smooth bitch." LOL!


wrote …

Orlando's got some big stones! ;)

That's next on my equipment list. Awesome product. Thanks Rob.


wrote …

Hey Rob,

or anyone who has made their own stones,

I bought a set of your molds and I've made 2 batches. They've all turned out great and it was easy. The instructions you sent with the molds says wait 10 days for "light" use. Just looking for some clarification on what light use is. When can I let these bad boys drop?!

My gym has 3/4" rubber stall mats laid on concrete.

Thanks for any input. I'd hate to see any of these round beauties laid to rest. Speaking of that, is there any estimated life expectancy for stones? Based on usage, dropping surface, stone size?


wrote …


After 10 days of curing the stones are about as hard as they're going to get. If you drop them at the 14 day mark you're totally safe. The likelihood of any of the stones failing is REALLY slim assuming you drop them onto rubber padding. We have 1/2" rubber over concrete and we have stones that are 3 years old. All that is based on the assumption that the concrete mix was good.

I'll say this....we have NEVER seen a solid stone fail at Hybrid. The only stones that ever fail are the ones that are either made to be lighter with styrofoam or made to be heavier with inserts.

Have fun and thanks for posting.

Rob O


wrote …

Rob, I love these molds. We made some for our place and they are too sweet! More being made as we speak! BOOM...


wrote …


Always up for doing things myself, you always know the quality of the product.
Keep bringing these kind of videos to the journal.


Hey, I got this area in my backyard, do you do patios? ha


wrote …

Rob im starting a program in december based around high school/college athletes. Which stone molds would you recommend for such athletes. I have been doing some strongman training lately but i wouldn't dare say that im educated enough to teach them the real heavy stones. Thanks Andrew


wrote …


My recommendation would be the 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16. The 17 and 18 would be on reserve for when the kids get a bit stronger and more experienced.

Those stones will go from 35 pounds to 175 pounds and will satisfy almost all high school/college athletes.

Hope that helps--
Rob O


wrote …



replied to comment from gary martins

What the hell is the deal with the volume on the iPhones. It plays for a second then stops. On a lot of the videos. Looks like a cool vid though.


wrote …

Having the same problem w the volume on some videos


wrote …

Quick question for Rob, any specific type of concrete mix that you would recommend? Also, how long do you let the stones sit before you remove them from the mold?


wrote …

Good Video Rob. Simple and to the point.


wrote …

This might be a silly question but how much concrete is needed per stone? I have 95#-115# molds but I don't want to wind up mixing too much concrete. It may be cheap but I still don't like being wasteful and I don't have much I can do with it once it's mixed.


wrote …

Rob: Thanks for the videos, I just received the 18", 250 pound mold from you all. I can't wait to get one started. I have watched your video multiple times, just so I know how to do it correctly. Thank you so much. Hope you all have a blessed day. God bless.
Steve Gates

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