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The Fittest Woman in the World: Thor’s Daughter by Sevan Matossian - CrossFit Journal

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October 09, 2011

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“I decided I wanted to give CrossFit a chance, and I’m really glad I did,” Annie Thorisdottir says. “I think it couldn’t have turned out any better. Really happy with it.”

Join filmmaker Sevan Matossian as he captures the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games winner Annie Thorisdottir back at her Iceland box, CrossFit BC Island. She reveals more about herself as an athlete and coach.

Thorisdottir credits her background as a gymnast for much of her success in CrossFit. She started coaching gymnastics at age 15 and has been coaching CrossFit for almost two years.

In addition to her fitness pursuits, Thorisdottir is also a full-time student studying chemistry.

“I wanna study medicine—I just haven’t had time for it,” she says.

Thorisdottir has been even busier since returning to Iceland.

“After the Games this year, like everybody in Iceland knows what CrossFit is,” she says. In fact, the popularity of the sport means she has even had to turn down new clients due to lack of space.

Thorisdottir says her routine is to train twice a day, with gymnastics, mobility and technique in the morning and strength, heavier technique and met-cons in the afternoon. She also shares info on her nutrition and her supplemental training, which periodically includes yoga.

“I’m excited about next year, and I’m excited about competing next year,” Thorisdottir says. “I wanna win, of course, but it’s always the thing: you’re getting better, everybody else is getting better—you never know.”

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 189 by Justin Judkins, published Sept. 14, 2011.

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27 Comments on “The Fittest Woman in the World: Thor’s Daughter”


wrote …

Two words: AWE SOME


replied to comment from Carl Paoli

What the pocket gymnast said.

Great athlete, beautiful young woman, great attitude, fantastic video.


wrote …

A great video of a young women who is a great role model for the young and old. If an individual isn't moved after watching this video and ready to hit the closest CF Box, something is wrong with them. Keep up the work Annie, you are a great role model.


wrote …

Sevan Matossian you've knocked out of the field here my son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wrote …

I wonder if she'll ever know how inspiring she is to everyone in the community.

Fantastic video.


wrote …

This just accentuates the determination and the totality of training needed to win the the Crossfit games. Annie you truely are an excellent representation of what Crossfit stands for..........I so much want to go and chill in Iceland after observing the video.


Alex Kourkoumelis wrote …

Sevan "Ninja" Matossian

Great video.


wrote …

Wonderful piece Sevan!


wrote …

Magnificent work, thank you for a quick glimpse into the life of a superb athlete and human being.


wrote …

Beautiful, Sevan.


wrote …

It is just incredible how cute and how tough she is at the same time. Great athlete and great inspiration.
And Sevan ... well ... I'm speechless. Your work is wonderful.


wrote …

Watching this makes one proud of being Icelandic.

Great work Sevan, and by the way, how do you like Iceland? :)


EC S wrote …

Annie rocks. Sevan rocks. Ah-mazing all around.


wrote …

Annie, you are an amazing person with an impeccable attitude. Definitely an inspiration to us all.


Gerard Mcauliffe wrote …

I'm even more impressed by Annie as an Athlete and person after watching that video. What a champion for CrossFit and Iceland to have. A true role model for everyone to aim to emulate.


wrote …

Unbelievably inspiring in so many different ways. Thanks for this great video!

Annie, you're amazing!


wrote …

Bravo Sevan! Amazing video!


wrote …

Well done Sevan!
You keep outdoing yourself :)


wrote …

Great video! Very well done and Annie is awesome!


wrote …

Ég held ég ástfangin?


wrote …

Another reason to love crossfit - Annie.


wrote …

Great piece! Awesome! Just watching and listening to her makes me smile. She is so pleasantly authentic. We need more Annies in the world..


wrote …

Wonder woman


wrote …

I believe I have a bit of a crush on Annie :3 What a woman. Great video and keep up the good work!


wrote …

Wonderful video about a wonderful human being.


wrote …

It motivates me to see how clear and focused she is! Awesome young talent, great video guys


wrote …

I think im in love? ...ha! awesome video!

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