Fighting for Fitness

By Tandi Schaeffer

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October 26, 2011

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MMA fighter Tandi Schaeffer participates in CrossPit, created by John Hackleman, owner of The Pit. CrossPit is a sport-specific form of CrossFit that incorporates elements of fighting disciplines into CrossFit workouts.

Schaeffer says CrossPit helps her MMA training because it’s time based.

“It’s more of a competition with yourself, and so you push yourself harder when you’re trying to compete for a time,” she says. “And then when you have other people trying to compete for their time, you’ve got to get faster than them, too.”

Schaeffer started MMA fighting for her own fitness.

“I have a little boy that’s handicapped, and I have to do everything I can fitness-wise to stay strong to be able to lift him and keep my body healthy to take care of him,” she says.

Even though Schaeffer lost her first ring battle, she says she was hooked, and she had to try it again to prove to herself she could do better.

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Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: CrossPit Basics by Tony Budding, published April 1, 2006.



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wrote …

Wow...and a Mom! Some serious injuries to deal with and probably a bit more than the average crossfitter injuries. Love to know how she copes with work and her son when those injuries come about?


wrote …

Very impresive Lady!!! Such a positive attitude.

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