Train to Hunt

By Dan Staton and Kenton Clairmont

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October 12, 2011

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“By buying that hunting license, that hunting tag, we’re able to go out and harvest the purest form of protein on the planet. It doesn’t have any steroid injections. It doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners or flavors. It is 100 percent pure,” says CrossFitter Rod Staton, father of Dan Staton, who is a co-owner of CrossFit Spokane Valley.

As avid hunters and co-owners of two CrossFit gyms in Spokane, Wash., Dan Staton and Kenton Clairmont merged their love of CrossFit and hunting by founding the website Train to Hunt. The two share their hunting experiences and agree that CrossFit definitely prepares hunters for tracking and hauling out their game.

“Too many hunters, they just try to get in shape during the season,” says Clairmont. “Why wait until then? Why not train now?”

He says hunting is the ultimate test of mental toughness and physical preparedness, and CrossFit helps prepare hunters for the challenges they’ll face.

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Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: The Dead Elk and the CrossFit Question by Paul Eich, published Aug. 4, 2009.

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30 Comments on “Train to Hunt”


wrote …

Cool concept for a training focus and great to see that you've made some of the hunting press.


wrote …

Very nice guys! I got in to Crossfit based on an article I read in Huntin Fool magazine. I started this past spring... and now have a garage gym! I hunt because I love to be in the outdoors, to explore wild places and to engage nature in a more meaningful way. I'd been looking for a conditioning approach to maximize my enjoyment, fullfillment and success in my outdoor activities, expecially hunting, for a long time. Crossfit has been the first conditioning approach that I truly feel will meet this requirement. I just got back from an AK float moose hunt... the Crossfit conditioning I had done was a big part of the success and enjoyment of this demanding hunt. I'm really looking forward to checking out Train to Hunt!


wrote …

Great video guys, I train to hunt year round and know for a fact it helps me go further, stay longer and be able to pack and elk out with ease. Will be sharing this on


wrote …

Way to go guys, keep up the good work!!! Great to see you on the mainsite.


wrote …

Just an opinion, but I think if CrossFit truly prepared you for hunting, then you should be able to do it without a gun or bow and arrow.


wrote …

My apologies for the first response. That was a reaction. I didn't mean any disrespect for the people involved. I just wanted to offer a different perspective for those that do not agree with taking an animal's life for sport. I also understand, some people hunt for survival and it is always better than factory farmed animal foods.


wrote …

Great video, nice to see something on hunting, the physical demands out in the amazing wilderness, the nutritional value of wild meat (true organic meat) as well as taking responsibility for where your food is coming from. I understand that some people take issue with hunting but if they went to a slaughter house to see where the meat in the grocery store comes from they may change their mind. Not saying that we should all hunt, just don't be an "uneducated hater".


wrote …

Of all the "offshoots" of Crossfit (CF Endurance, CF Football, etc), this is BY FAR my favorite.

Thank you both for showing your respect for the animals and the food they provide. Your passion for the ethical way that you hunt really came through in this video.


wrote …

Great to see Spokane, Valley Crossfit and the great Inland Northwest on the CF main site and Journal. And for all the right reasons. Crossfit and especially Valley
y Crossfit are really making visible impact in the area. I cannot wait to share the Train To Hunt with my buds.
Near Nature, Near Perfect.
Keep it up!


wrote …



wrote …

Proud to work out at Crossfit Spokane Valley with Dan and Kenton! They are amazing coaches and always inspirational. LOVED this video!


wrote …

Very nice.


wrote …

Great video! My 13 year old son and I just got done with his cow elk hunt in Northern Arizona. We covered some rough country and he hung in there like a champ! If we didn't CF we would have had a much harder time. Keep up the good work guys.


wrote …

I've got my Train to Fish video coming out.

Farmer's Walk w/ 12 pack of beer in each hand. 20 feet from store to truck.
Sprint back to store for ice.
Shoulder two bags of ice- sprint cause it's cold.
Load cooler.
SDHP cooler into back of truck.
Drive to dock.

For time.


wrote …

Awesome Video!

"Become a Better Predator" Put me down for two (2) of those shirts!


James Buchanan wrote …

I'm between a rock and a hard place on this issue.I'm sure I'd love the blood lust and adrenaline of hunting and killing an animal but the more civilized side of me realises that wild animals should be left unmolested to get on with their own fairer version of survivial without AK47 totting rednecks cutting them down and sticking them on a wall to enhance their manhood. The wild game/protein arguement is a bit weak to be honest as their are plenty of healthy, REARED FOR THE PURPOSE OF CONSUMPTION animals who will be killed in a more humane manner.And if you were doing it for a challenge in nature - take a picture, not a life. Be honest, you just wanna kill stuff.


wrote …

i'd say this is the best application of crossfit to real life i have ever come across. it's real and makes complete sense! kudos! keep it up!!!


wrote …

oh and to the person who commented before me, did you even listen to anything these gentlemen stated in the video? please rewatch! your tone and comments are seriously off. do not mean to offfend but please take a second look.


James Buchanan wrote …

I didn't watch the video, I will do though. I found the photos on the website particularly distasteful though. I'm sure that Goat meat is pretty chewy ( nothing to do with bagging those huge horns and sticking them on the wall for sure.)


wrote …

I was raised as a hunter and stopped years ago because I didn't like the idea of killing for fun. I actually don't enjoy it and in general I loath almost all things 'macho'. However, I am considering getting back into hunting for food, not fun, for few practical reasons:

1) If I eat animals, I should have the guts to kill on my own behalf and not depend on others to do all of my dirty work.

2) If I bow hunt plentiful animals in moderation, I am not destroying nature, I am part of it. According to the video, 1 elk = 300lbs of meat; which would feed me for a long time. I would never kill more than I can eat; I have no interest in trophies or proving my manhood.

3) It is a far healthier alternative to eating grain and garbage fed mutant commercial farm-raised animals.

4) Do the math. A one-time purchase of about $300 for a used bow and arrows
plus gas money would enable me to get 300lbs of meat year after year. Also a more cost effective alternative to buying grass-fed, free-range meat even compared to the bulk prices I get buying directly from ranchers (@ James Buchanan above).


wrote …

Love the video. Have never hunted, but always wanted to try. Application for crossfit to hunting has always been obvious to me and I find this video really well done in regards to the fact that they are eating the meat. Entertaining and informative!


wrote …

Love the video. Have never hunted, but always wanted to try. Application for crossfit to hunting has always been obvious to me and I find this video really well done in regards to the fact that they are eating the meat. Entertaining and informative!


wrote …

As an earlier poster mentioned, I grew up hunting, and stopped in college because we did it for sport. CrossFit lifestyle has made me strive for the healthiest foods possible. Virginia whitetail is the most affordable for me, because my family has a farm in Fluvanna, VA. So I'm starting back up, but for one reason: healthy food. As such, I have NO problem killing game. This video has that slant, but it's pretty easy to see through it. These dudes are sportsmen, with healthy meat as a sidebar. Nice try though.

Matt, Richmond, VA


wrote …

Wow! I can't believe how many people have an issue with this. What is more respectful to an animal? Raising them in a disease ridden factory where animals are injected with hormones, antibiotics, and treated inhumanely, or letting them roam free before responsibly harvesting them to keep wildlife populations at a healthy level?

Honestly...Do some research...I think you'll see these guys for what they are...humane...responsible...respectful...carnivores.


wrote …

For those of you that don't hunt, I understand that your thoughts and opinions are different than mine. I enjoy taking part in the pursuit of wild game in an ethical manner, it is the absolute truest form of "sport" possible. I am for any and all legal means of hunting, fishing and trapping, but appreciate the fact that many don't. That is great thing about choice in this country.

If it were not for this nation's sportsmen and women, there would be very very few wild game animals left. It is our funds that support game management projects and provides huge amounts of funds to land owners, hotels, restaurants, etc, that would not be there if not for legal hunting, and yes, sometimes killing of game animals.

BUT we all need to realize that GAME HAS TO PAY IT'S WAY, plain and simple!!! Without capital gain to be made there is no reason for game animals to even be around. Look at many African countries who banned sport hunting, much of India has lost their game animal populations, and the list goes on and on. Without hunters paying fees there would be no game to take pictures of folks. Sad but true.


James Buchanan wrote …

Trevor, that's a poor arguement. Tigers have been wiped out in many provinces of India and China through hunting, same in Africa with the desimation of White Rhino populations etc.Bison were nearly wiped out through over hunting in your own country. The establishment of game reserves have helped raise the population of threatened animals across the globe, nothing to do with hunters helping preserve stock. I don't live in the states, so can't really comment for sure on your local situation but I do know about the near extinction of many species due to over hunting. Scott, I actually take on board a lot of what you say, except the 'guts' to kill it yourself part.With that statement you are in my mind contradicting your other 'anti-macho' statement. Farmed animals are bred as food, that is why they exist in abundance. They are killed in a humane and quick way and every part is used.I'm sure you can source healthy farm raised meat if you want to but I'm also sure it's bloody good fun tracking and slaughtering animals, we all have that blood lust but I don't really want to let that part of me become a major part of my life. Do what fulfills you but don't paint it as something it's not and be honest about why you do things ;0


James Buchanan wrote …

Just a couple of thoughts here - the website has dead Bears on it- Ian Sturgeon, maybe the cool, responsible people from the site can send you over some delicious Bear steak to chew on for the next month or so! Also, Scott. I've decided to embrace what you say.I'll be now spending most of my time - digging and managing a working latrine system, building a house with my bare hands ( of course I have to chop down the wood, perhaps make some bricks, source the material for that), build my own furniture,pluck a thousand chickens to make a duvet and pillow.I should also have 'the guts' to grow my own vegetables too. Of course if I can't source these things I'm going to really 'man up' get together a local crew and raid some others doing something similar over the hills, who knows what may happen in the enschewing melee, I need my resources, a few may fall, take some of their women in revenge, wish me luck folks, now THAT'S why I Crossfit ;0


wrote …

Iron sharpens Iron. Wish I was out there to learn how to hunt like this. Looking into hunting here in Michigan. I'm not a hunter. But the idea of hunting out west seems like a total adventure. How does a guy go about doing that from the midwest? Anyway, I've been checking out some of the shows lately of mountain hunting and hope to do it one day. Great job on the video.
~Dan Anderson


wrote …

I think there's something sickeningly arrogant about people who go hunting purely for sport but hearing these guys voicing so much respect for the animals they take was really heartening - that's the true spirit of an outdoorsman IMO.
Great attitudes to both nature and self-mastery - truly inspiring.


wrote …


Midwest guys can come out West and hunt on their own, do-it-yourself style, and have an absolute riot. There's a lot of public ground out here where you can throw enough gear and supplies on your back with a good map and head out. Study the terrain with google earth, learn about your quarry, and cut your teeth my man.

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