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October 07, 2011

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CrossFit Gymnastics coach Jeff Tucker shared his expertise at the 2011 Summer Affiliate Gathering in Big Sky, Mont. In this video, he instructs an athlete on the kipping muscle-up to help refine her movement.

“What I look at as a coach are angles. If you’re creating angles and popping the hip in the movement, I’m wondering if we have a strength issue here,” he says.

Tucker has the athlete use her swing on the kipping pull-up and cues her to keep pulling. He says the rings are similar to the bar.

“The beauty is these get to move with your body,” Tucker says of the rings. “Give me a good swing and then make sure to keep pulling so that they’re underneath the armpit as you finish.”

Next, he dials in her kipping swing then has the athlete perform a muscle-up progression kneeling under low rings to scale the movement with her knees. He instructs her to keep her hands at her sides as she presses in the dip.

To develop dip strength, Tucker recommends strict dips on a static plane, weighted strict dips on a static plane, and then working the dynamic plane with dips and weighted dips using the low-rings progression. The key is to use these activities as skills work, not as part of a WOD.

“With proper rest, the goal is to do the last one better than the first one,” Tucker says.

7min 17sec

Additional reading: The Muscle-Up by Greg Glassman, published Nov. 1, 2002.

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5 Comments on “Coaching the Kipping Muscle-Up With Jeff Tucker”


wrote …

Best part of this video is hearing Coach B from somewhere in the background yelling. "get you ass down under the bar!"


wrote …

Great video Tucker! So many girls I see chase the muscle up without the basic prerequisite strength in terms of their pull and dip portions! Real timely video that for one of the girls I coach who is wanting to work towards a muscle up. Thank you sir!


wrote …

Great video, I love Tucker's cues and explanations. Everything is easier when you're stronger! I recently had a new athlete join. He is young, very strong with the ability to do 10+ dead-hang pull-ups and dips but relatively unskilled. After doing 5 minutes of static hold drills on the rings and working on the false grip and the transition, he was able to knock out several strict muscle-ups.


wrote …

I feel like I need to cut a check every time I watch one of Tucker's or Kelley's videos, so much knowledge and experience broken down in a timely manner.


wrote …

Glad to be of help. We train folks in the form and strength portion first before adding momentum...

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