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A Language to Diagnose With Kelly Starrett: Part 6 by Kelly Starrett - CrossFit Journal

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November 17, 2011

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Join Kelly Starrett, owner of San Francisco CrossFit and creator of MobilityWOD, as he teaches coaches and their athletes how to diagnose dysfunction at CrossFit South Bay.

In this segment, Starrett addresses how to express midline stabilization in gymnastics movements like the push-up, because the push-up is a movement often associated with shoulder pain.

“This is basic positioning,” he says.

Starrett has a group of athletes practice push-up technique on the floor and on low rings using midline stabilization. The first piece is external rotation of the shoulder, which creates torque. His cue is to “bring the elbow pit forward.”

The only problem is that this rotation often causes overextension in the lower back.

“I have to buffer that. That’s why I’ve gotta be tight,” Starrett says. His cue to get tight is to “squeeze the butt.”

“This is a quick way to spot these problems, and they’re magnified,” Starrett says. “All we’ve gotta do is put our athletes into a good position and then load them up.”

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Additional reading: Hamstrung by Kelly Starrett, published July 1, 2007.

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6 Comments on “A Language to Diagnose With Kelly Starrett: Part 6”


wrote …

What's that song at the start?


wrote …

KStarr is awesome, thanks for the breakdown and reminder!


wrote …

Kelly, you have changed the way I train myself and others. The greatest people that leave a legacy in our life are those who share their wisdom. Thanks for working towards making all of us better.


wrote …

Great Work Kelly! How much of that external rotation is facilitated by scapula stabilization and activation? Do you find it more effective to coach the external rotation easpect of it, or get hem to focus on engaging and activating the scapula which will inturn stablise the shoulder? Cheers


wrote …

kstar+crossfit= PERFECT!


Erik Larson wrote …

Thanks Kelly for another awesome vid. I am so stoked for the Mobility Cert in Vegas in March...

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