A Month of Pumpkins

By Mikki Lee Martin, Alison Patenaude and Lura Poggi-Bills

In Kids

November 29, 2011

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Add fun to your CrossFit Kids workouts with these programming ideas from Mikki Lee Martin, Alison Patenaude and Lura Poggi-Bills.

It’s so much more interesting to practice medicine-ball cleans with a pumpkin. Winning a pumpkin with all the kids’ names written on it after the WOD is fun, too.

For the month of October, every CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Kids Pre-Teen class was involved in winning a pumpkin, maybe for best clean technique—dip, shrug, drop, stand—or best effort, focus or behavior.

Although occasionally the pumpkin was used as the implement, the sheer number of kids in the class meant we would’ve needed 30-35 pumpkins each day. We purchased about 10 each week, and toward the end of the week as we gave them away, we became more limited in how many pumpkins could be rotated into the mix.

In November, substitute a Gator Skin dodgeball with a turkey drawn on it. In December, substitute a wrapped gift the size of a dodgeball.



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