All in the Same Room

By Emily Beers

In The CrossFit Life

November 24, 2011

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Emily Beers reports on the mix of veteran and first-time CrossFit athletes at the 2011 Taranis Winter Challenge, held Nov. 4-6 in Victoria, B.C.

CrossFit Taranis owner Reed MacKenzie takes the microphone. A hush comes over the crowd as he announces the first workout to an eager audience. It involves 2 sets of max handstand push-up attempts, with some power snatches in between.

The 10th-fittest female in the world from the 2011 CrossFit Games, 36-year-old Angie Pye, makes her way to the warm-up area to get her body ready to go. Warming up in the same area as Pye is Kira Hallwood, a 22-year-old who just discovered CrossFit a few short months ago.

“What’s a power snatch again?” Hallwood asks, 10 minutes before the workout. “Is that when you throw the bar over your head?”

She looks over and sees Pye.

“Holy shit. Look at that girl. She’s ripped,” Hallwood says. “I’m so scared now.”

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