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Fit for Life: Olympic Gold Medalist Anna Cummins by Anna Cummins - CrossFit Journal
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“With CrossFit, you can be fit for life—it’s not just fit for rowing,” says Olympic gold medalist Anna Cummins (Mickelson).

CrossFit Bellevue in Bellevue, Wash., is home to Cummins, who won the silver in 2004 and gold in 2008 with the U.S. Olympic Rowing Team in the women’s eight event.

Dan Cerrillo, owner of CrossFit Bellevue, tells the story of Cummins’ fundamentals classes and how she stunned her coaches with her athletic ability before they found out she was an Olympian.

After retiring from rowing competition, Cummins says she found herself in a fitness “rut” and sought out something to challenge her. That’s when she found CrossFit.

“I tried it one time and loved it,” she says. “This has been my workout of choice to stay fit, and hopefully this is what I’ll be doing until I’m a hundred.”

Cummins shares her passion for rowing and how she wants to contribute to CrossFit in the future. Despite her years of rowing competition, Cummins says she isn’t driven to compete in CrossFit. Instead, she wants to offer medical support and share her coaching expertise at CrossFit Rowing Seminars.

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 133 by Justin Judkins, published Aug.18, 2010.

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wrote …

way to go anna! great story. keep it up!


wrote …

Somehow CrossFit and rowikng seem to fit very well together. Great story!


wrote …

Great interview Anna!


wrote …

Great outlook. Inspiring!


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As rower myself, she's a motivator. Keep it up Anna!

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