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Finding Motivation by Anthony Iovino - CrossFit Journal

Finding Motivation

By Anthony Iovino

In CrossFit, Videos

November 18, 2011

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“Once you find one thing—even if it’s something little—to motivate you, it’s gonna push you harder than you’ve ever imagined,” says CrossFitter Anthony Iovino.

A former professional wrestler, Iovino weighed 301 lb. before beginning CrossFit a year and a half ago. Since then, he has lost close to 100 lb. He says his first CrossFit WOD was an eye-opening experience.

“Something happened halfway through the WOD. I realized, ‘Wow, I gotta do something. I have to make some sort of change,’” he says.

He signed up on the spot.

For Iovino, the workouts have always been harder than following the diet.

“I’ve never been pushed so hard in my life,” he says.

Echoing the sentiments of CrossFitters around the world, Iovino says the tough workouts and the camaraderie drew him in and keep him coming back.

“I don’t just go to work out, you know. I go now to hang out with my friends too,” he says.

As for the “one thing” that’s going to motivate him, Iovino dreams of competing in the CrossFit Games someday.

“I’m gonna work as hard as I can to get there,” he says.

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perfect!!!! hell yeah!!!


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In the process of applying for affiliation. This is the experience I want for our own clients. Awesome advert here for what CF is about - the people you share the experiences with.

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