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November 30, 2011

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Dan Cerrillo, owner of CrossFit Bellevue, takes us on a tour of his large new facility located in Bellevue, Wash. He’s currently using 10,000 square feet of the 17,000 available.

Cerrillo says his inspiration for his set-up and equipment was the desire to make his gym a competition facility outfitted with the equipment used in CrossFit regionals and Games. His gym even includes an indoor track and is accumulating a collection of strongman equipment.

According to Cerrillo, his athletes have every opportunity to train for competitions and no excuses due to lack of equipment.

At CrossFit Bellevue, community is just as important as the workout. In addition to serving the front end of the business, the gym’s lobby is also a bar for their nightlife and includes a coffee station. Inside the gym, there’s a movie screen for getting together to watch sporting events.

Cerrillo says he caps his classes at 25 athletes and maintains a 10:1 athlete-to-instructor ratio. In addition to CrossFit classes, his gym offers CrossFit Kids classes and Fundamentals classes for new clients. Often, all three of these classes run at the same time, making full use of the large, well-equipped facility.

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9 Comments on “For Competition and Community: CrossFit Bellevue”


wrote …

the next this a good thing?


wrote …

That gym is amazing. As the crossfit games keep growing and the athletes eventually become professional I have a feeling you will see more gyms like this around. Still cant believe he can make the numbers work in regards to turning a profit, but good luck to him if he's doing it.


wrote …

Awesome Training center!


wrote …

That place looks awesome. Great job Dan. As crossfit grows, I think you will see more gyms of this size. I know there are tons of affiliates, but it makes sense for some to merge, and provide greater value for thier members.


wrote …

Dan - love it. You and your crew up there are incredible folks.


wrote …

That place looks fantastic. I would love to head north and visit! I'm all for large CF "Training Centers" like this. Brings the best in town to one location.


wrote …

Great looking facility.

Dan, do you care to share about how your community developed with such a large customer base? I imagine yours has developed differently than other (smaller) "training centers"?


Daniel Schmieding wrote …

Wow. Epic!


We started with two clients and grew from there. I would have never moved to this facility but I felt sorry for my clients when they had to stand out in the rain waiting for there class to start. I kept asking myself, how long will they stay with us if we cant provide a facility that measures up to their monthly fees. Eventually the space was just too small to host the amount of clients we had. The owner of the complex came as asked if I wanted to move. He gave me two options, one much cheaper than the other. The first option was fantastic but once again my clients were running in the parking lot and subject to distracted drives. I took the more expensive option because I could never out grow it and it offered so much in terms of safety, privacy, and growth. It was a huge step both professionally and financially. I had a great job with a great income but I was miserable so now I had an excuse to leave my job and the funds to invest. As far as cashing out my retirement this was heartbreaking. I worked so hard to save so much but in the end I just said if I lose it then I only have myself to blame, and if I make it then I affirmed my belief in myself and those that surround me. So far it has worked, we have had setbacks but we have had far more rewards. Now my job isn't growth its satisfaction. Keep those that are here happy and they will stay for a long time. I hope that makes sense.

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