For Competition and Community: CrossFit Bellevue

By Dan Cerrillo and Matt Hasselbeck

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November 21, 2011

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CrossFit Bellevue in Washington State is home to some elite athletes, including an Olympic gold medalist, a professional NFL quarterback, a professional ballerina, D1 college athletes, pro tennis players, top skiers, national champions, world champions and more. They can all be found on CrossFit Bellevue’s “wall of fame.”

Cerrillo tries to explain how so many elite athletes ended up in one place but can’t quite put his finger on it.

“They came,” Cerrillo says, shaking his head. “And now there’s a whole bunch of them.”

The presence of the elite athletes certainly gives all gym members a feeling of pride, and Cerrillo says the members take real pride in the accomplishments of those who sweat beside them.

“It gives normal people like us … a chance to be around people who we watch on TV, and go, ‘Wow, I’m able to work out with them. Hey, I might even beat them one time.’”

He adds: “One thing it does with our clients, is it brings out the best in them.”

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Additional reading: The Marlins Go CrossFit by Paul Fournier, published March 1, 2010.

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3 Comments on “For Competition and Community: CrossFit Bellevue”


wrote …

Ya, what can I say? Our people ARE awesome.


wrote …

Great facility Dan...and the wall full of ringers! Especially Ron O! (is he getting kicked in the face in the pic?)


Johnny Di Gregorio wrote …

Congrats Taco!

I remember meeting you in Prescott. From listening to you speak, I knew your gym would have a fantastic community and great things would happen for you.

I am so happy to see you succeeding.

Cheers to you!

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