The Chancey Plate Mover

By Chance Hughs

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November 04, 2011

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Chance Hughs, co-owner of Predation CrossFit, shows an innovative way to move plates around the gym.

“To me, the less time I can spend building stuff and get focused on other things, the cheaper it is for me,” he says.

For his homemade plate movers, Hughs bought wheeled plastic trashcan movers from the local hardware store to serve as bases. While the bases aren’t rated for more than 300 lb., Hughs says they were cheap enough that he doesn’t have to worry about replacing them if he has to.

He mounted a bracket and pipe to the bases so plates can be stacked on the pipe, and then he braced the base with wood so the lighter plates wouldn’t warp when stacked.

“So there you have it. Push weight around. Move it around quickly,” Hughs says, paraphrasing the CrossFit principle of “moving large loads long distances quickly.”

Hughs shows his materials and how it designed his homemade plate movers.

4min 36sec

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wrote …

should have had more screen time with the girl. she looks like a crossfit babe.


wrote …

Great and inexpensive, love the creativity the community has.


wrote …

Okay I'm sold!


wrote …

Thank god I'm not the only one that looks at some of rouges (and other companies) stuff and thinks how ridicouls it is to buy it when you can make it. Thanks man!!


wrote …

Home Depot has dolleys for $12 right now. Can hold 1000lbs. Just a heads up.

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