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CrossFit Morristown: A Third Home by Karianne Dickson and Gregg Arsenuk - CrossFit Journal

CrossFit Morristown: A Third Home

By Karianne Dickson and Gregg Arsenuk

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November 06, 2011

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HQ Seminar Staff member Karianne Dickson takes us on a tour of her affiliate, Guerrilla Fitness at CrossFit Morristown in New Jersey.

Her affiliate’s equipment includes atlas stones and tires for strongman work, as well as barbells she bought cheap from Rutgers when it replaced its supply. The walls display only 10-foot wall-ball targets to challenge athletes.

“We’d rather see them go a little lighter and shoot for that distance every time,” Dickson says. “It’s good for the practice.”

A unique feature is CrossFit Morristown’s “mixing station” with a built-in stereo and iPod/computer hookup for more advanced music control. Another contraption the affiliate devised is a system for banded squats and deadlifts using removable hooks that attach to the floor.

To conserve training space, Dickson says she opted for making the gym larger by moving the office space next door. The separation of space also allows for one of her CrossFitters who is an Active Release Technique (ART) practitioner to set up shop in the office space and help athletes.

CrossFit Morristown’s community benefits from Friday-night hangouts that allow for socializing not always possible between classes.

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 148 by Justin Judkins, published Dec. 1, 2010.

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8 Comments on “CrossFit Morristown: A Third Home”


wrote …

Love guerrilla fitness crossfit Morristown. Love the killer hill


wrote …

Nice looking gym!


wrote …


Great video! Gym looks WAY different then when I was out there! Congrats girl! Keep it up!



wrote …

Hey! I know (and miss) that place. Great job.


wrote …

Awesome video - great to see all of the ideas and how things are implemented.

One comment, that will sound like a bit of a troll - check the history on your flag if you haven't already - it looks like a 50 star, which would mean it cannot be from WWII, since the 50 star wasn't adopted until 1960.


wrote …

Please keep these box tours coming. I get great ideas every time I watch these.


wrote …

I emailed you guys about coming down from fort drum ny, and have not heard anything back?


wrote …

Ok so about my impatiently waiting for an email. Karianna rightfully put me in my place. Even with my bad social graces of social media. Guerrilla crossfit still welcomed me with open arms. Hopefully my unit will not mess up my planed time to come down and train. Looking forward to getting my metabolic on in south jersey.

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