CrossFit Makes You Better

By Jeremy Howe and Nicky Muller

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November 11, 2011

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Predation CrossFit in Spokane, Wash., is home to police officer Jeremy Howe. He says CrossFit prepares him for his job like nothing else.

“I never know, you know, when I might be in a fight for my life, so this is the only thing that I’ve found that’ll prepare me for it. I tried everything else and nothing else works,” he says.

Howe’s success has inspired others in his department to try CrossFit, too. His girlfriend, Nicky Muller, is also a CrossFitter and a corrections officer at the sheriff’s department.

“It’s good to stay in shape and be on top of things so you can hold your own when you got to,” she says.

Both Howe and Muller were runners before starting CrossFit, and since giving up their long running sessions for CrossFit workouts, both have PRed their runs.

Howe and Muller describe how CrossFit came into their lives and how it has changed them. They say it has even made their relationship better.

7min 36sec

Additional reading: Fitness for the Force by Nathan Barlow and Vincent Cascella, published Feb. 10, 2010.



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